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A report on last night, a perspective on today...




Well, I don't think we had many visitors last night. Our candy bowl was barely touched. That's just not right... even if we're out in the middle of BFE, the least these kids can do is come out and take some candy. Jeez, we had some of the best candy bars ever, even.


Anyway, today's November 1. I have a free-floating hatred for November, mostly because it's a drab, miserable, cold month, even though I'd rather have it than and summer month. Maybe it's just because its one redeeming feature doesn't come until the end of the month. At least this year it's fairly early - I hate years where Thanksgiving is right at the end of the month.


And now for some rage. I'm getting really sick of people bitching about political crap. I'm especially sick of the wannabe pundits who watch Fux Snooze every day and think they have perfect immutable opinions about everything they hear. God, people, get a clue. I'm more balanced than that shit, and I'm an admitted liberal loudmouth. Furthermore, I'm also sick of the people on my side of the statehouse capitulating every time they're told to by some whiny right-winger on a message board. Anytime anyone brings up something a neo-con does, it's always followed by some talking head screaming "BUT TEH LIBRULZ DO IT TOO!!!11", and from then on every liberal immediately start kowtowing, muttering, "Kreacher is sorry that master is offended by the truth, Kreacher will always say that my side is worse, Kreacher is so sorry!" God, you spineless bastards, stand up for yourselves. We aren't owned by these people yet; stop acting like you are! What are you, a human being or a goddamn house-elf?!


And here's a hint to you right-wingers: Stop bringing up Clinton and/or Michael Moore. Moore is not the spokesperson for the Democratic Party or the liberal mindset in general - he's a giant socialist weasel. Granted, he's a giant socialist weasel who actually has a good idea now and then, but stop acting like he speaks for all of us.


And Clinton? Well, lemme put it this way: Clinton's lowest approval rating was somewhere in the fifties. Bush is a good twenty percentage points below that. And nobody give a shit he got a blowjob. Boo-friggin'-hoo. I'd respect presidents more if more of them got some poon in office. Why d'you think people liked JFK? It wasn't just because of his boyish charm and forward stance, it was because he was HUMAN. Oh, and if you try to argue that the reason you hate him is because he lied, then you best start hating Dubya, 'cause there's a big ass liar right there. And Clinton's lie didn't murder 2,000 Americans. Can Bush say that?


Okay, I'm done. Back to hating November for no good reason.



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