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The False Doctrine Of The Perfect Sacrifice.




The False Doctrine Concerning Genesis and Jesus the Messiah


Who wrote the Bible? Where were the books discovered? Can we trust what is written in the Bible?


Most of these questions can be answered by asking the question, 'Upon what story is all of this based?' For the answer, you must approach the religion from the beginning of its mythology. Let's explore this mythology using Christianity's own writings found in the Bible.


On the sixth day of creation, God created man, and God declared everything he had done was good in his eyes. Man was perfect, he was made in God's image. Then, on another day but the same sixth day in Christian logical thinking, God decided to make a woman for man's mate.


Open your Bibles to the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3. In this chapter, we find a man and a woman placed in a perfect magical garden where everything they want is provided for them by a benevolent god. There is only one hitch to living in paradise. They may not eat of the tree of knowledge or they will die! God established prohibition of eating fruit, under the penalty of death. Total abstinence of the eating of a particular fruit was required or they both would die. Then, along came a serpent, a talking serpent, that flattered and beguiled the woman with its charm and it gave the woman the fruit of knowledge and one for her husband to eat. They were so enthralled by a talking snake that they did as the serpent asked and suddenly their eyes were open, they became sentient and intelligent beings. They became dangerous to God because they discovered new ideas. Later, God came looking for them and somehow could not find them. An all-knowing god did not know where to find the two people he made that lived in his garden. It was a fatal game of peek-and-boo.


So, he called out to them, 'Yo! Adam, where ya'll at?' Adam and Eve came out of hiding and said, 'We are over here hiding cuz we ate the fuit and found out we've been naked all this time. So, we hid from you.' Eve blamed the snake. 'The snake gave it to me. He said it was good fruit.' God said, 'You believed a snake over me?' Eve said, 'He was a talking snake! He said, you said it was cool!' Now why would anyone think they were not supposed to do what a talking snake told them to do? Didn't God make talking snakes too? Yet, this benevolent maker of all things, the poppa of the universe had an existential meltdown, threw his first born children out of the garden, and cursed all of his creation to die because of a piece of produce! God cursed humainty because they were able to ask him questions and have new ideas. They developed independent thinking and were cursed by their creator. Adam and Eve were only a few hours old. They had just begun life. We raise our children over several years directing them on how to make choices and here is our supreme God killing off his creation all because his first born boy and girl made their first mistake in following his directions. Isn't it nice that our mortal parents show more mercy towards us, especially as hormone-exploding teenagers!


Because the woman ate the fruit first and then gave it to her husband, God commanded that man should rule over her. God took the most spineless animal of the two and made him boss. Adam had no backbone when it came to refusing Eve her desires and God directed him to rule over the more stronger-willed Eve. Depending on what legend you believe, God created a woman named Lilith to be Adam's first wife. Adam was such a bastard, Lilith would not submit to his sexual desires and ran away. Then God created Eve. However, we will use the more popular account of Eve created from Adam's rib after God allowed him to have sexual intercourse with all of the other animals. The Christian version of God seems to torture his pets before killing them when they do not perform as perfectly as him.


Many Christians today will argue that the story of creation as well as the story of Adam and Eve are allegorical accounts and should not be taken literally. There are others who swear every word of the Bible is true and without error, therefore, the story of Adam and Even and the fall from grace over a piece of fruit is absolutely true. The question remains to be asked, 'Which version is the correct one?' Neither version is correct. They are mythological stories invented by ignorant people in order to explain their place in the universe. The story is not a literal one. It is not true. It is imaginary. The story of the fall from grace did not happen. Man is not cursed by God and is not doomed to damnation in a fiery hell. How do we know? Because the story of Genesis did not happen. Science, common sense and reason have all shown the improbability of the story of Genesis.


Now, let's fast-forward several thousand years to the New Testament era and the birth of Jesus, the messiah. Everything you have been told about Jesus the Christ is centered around the mythological story of Adam and Eve and the fall from grace. Because of the fall from grace--from eating fruit--man was eternally separated from God and the only way God could reconcile man to himself with forgiveness, was for God to be born of a woman, who brought the curse upon humanity, and having been born human, God became a man, in order to sacrifice himself to himself and save all of creation from himself through this sacrifice. Like the story of Genesis, the story of Jesus is false because it is based upon the premise that the Old Testament story of Genesis is true. Another reason the story of Jesus is not true is because we only have the word of a dubious collection of books written by unknown and unproven authors who also base their writings upon the story of creation and man's fall from grace. The assertions of the Jews as God's chosen people and then the Christians claim to be the seed of Abraham, the true sons of Abraham to be exact, are not true and are only found in their own religious books! Much of what the two religions claim cannot be substantiated by independent writings of kingdoms in existance at the time the events occured in history. History, independent of the church's control over historical writings until modern times, does not corroborate the holy writings of either religion. The Christians embraced a religion they knew nothing about and hijacked the god of the Jews for their own religious teachings based upon a fairytale. Christian missionaries have been dying over a fable. Wars have been fought with millions killed in the name of a fable. Other religions have sprung up quoting from the same dubious group of books in order to gain popularity and legitimacy for thier religious propaganda and hatred for whatever is not of their beliefs. And, today, the struggle to be free of religious oppression continues, all in the name of a fable.



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Nice post & eloquently put. I spent a long time as a Christian denying the link between Genesis and the NT, knowing Genesis to be myth.


As you say "the story of Jesus is false because it is based upon the premise that the Old Testament story of Genesis is true."

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How is it that we can have such intelligent dumbasses in this society still holding on to these absurd beliefs? I must admit my excuse is rather weak,, I was just a good christian boy, following good christian instructions--good christian--good christian--good christian--now if you'll excuse me I shall vomit.

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