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I'm jealous of my sisters. For some reason they're always the ones who do things right and they get things they want. Me; I've transferred twice, am unable to study abroad(money and no programs I'm interested in), and my first boyfriend turned out to be an ass.


My oldest sister did study abroad twice (high school and college) and my twin sister is applying for a 2 week trip to England where she'll get semi-private tours of places like Scotland Yard and Old Baily. My college travel experience is limited to a weekend split between Boston and Salem. While I'm not complaining, my trip was great, I'd love to do more.


So here's my plan: I want to go to Toronto next summer. Just for a few days. Fly out, see the sights. Now i know Toronto isn't what most people would think of as a bg travel destination but my favorite author (Margaret Atwood) happens to live there. Some of her books take place in or near Toronto and so I want to see the places she describes. I've never really travelled on my own and would really love to do this. I'm sure my mom will freak out when she hears because I'll be alone in a foreign city, but this is my choice and if I plan really well money won't be a problem. Plus, I already have a full time job waiting for me next summer.


I just want to do something for me. And I would love to run into Margaret Atwood somewhere and talk to her. Or just get an autograph. But mostly I want the chance to get away from my family and be on my own for awhile- away from school, pressure, expectations. Just for a few days.


Crazy, huh?



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