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University - Bizarro World



Do you ever just hear something - something that is perfectly 'normal' but at that particular moment it just strikes you? I guess I'll explain what I mean. Not that long ago, after arriving at the university I sat down in the library and started going through the appropriate paperwork. As I was doing this a couple of girls sat down behind me and started having a conversation about their studies.


The thing that stood out was talking about their timetable; what one of them said was 'yeah, I got an app on my phone for that'. Isn't it amazing how something so technologically amazing has become the object of a casual conversation? I've heard people mention this all the time but it never stood out to me until now. I guess it's because I remember going to high school and not having an electronic timetable. I don't even remember for certain since it's been so long ago but I think I had a paper one that was kept in my wallet that I would check out when required.


I remember when things were not so easy to do and in some ways I am glad and other ways, annoyed. It's weird for me to be annoyed right? I should be happy that others had it easier than I did growing up..right? Well, I agree I should but looking 'deep inside myself' I find that my annoyance is at the lack of appreciation younger people have for things the way they are now. Or, more accurately; my perception that there is a lack of appreciation.


Really though, mulling over it now it's not like my generation had it that much differently. When I first started high school mobile phones were starting to become popular and most kids had the Nokia 5110. Likewise, the internet was already out and we were encouraged to 'google' for information for our assignments but it was all in its infancy to be honest, even though it wasn't that long ago.


I however was generally last in line. I didn't get a mobile till after high school and I was near the end of school when I got my first computer. Technologically speaking, I was late to the game almost every time until I started working years later. Anyways, with all this said there is one advantage to all this. Despite the fact that I am starting university later on in life, I have the advantage to appreciate the advancements and advantages that current technology brings to the education I receive. Something my peers would've missed out on.


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