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Eloquence In Writing



I've been told by various people, on more than one occasion that I am a good writer. It's nice to hear that you're good at something, but sometimes what you're good at is not necessarily something that advantageous to you practically speaking. Aside from that, it's hard not to let compliments get to your head too, right? After hearing you're good at something, I know I can feel the need to "prove" that I am worthy of the compliments I've received and thus I begin to overthink what I am doing in order to appear as some sort of renowned expert in the field. Even now, I am resisting the urge to come across as if I were using my words with surgical precision and unlimited depth.


Yeah, anyways. I think I might take some writing classes this year. Let's see how it goes?

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Read. Write. Risk.


These three words was the advice I was given years ago in my senior year of high school when I panned off the ability to make a life of writing for myself after having children so young. I knew writing doesn't pay diddly really, but now that I have strayed from the normal work till you die mindset, writing has renewed its sense of purpose in my life.  I hope you do take some classes, and I might mention there are tons of free classes online for that as well! Take advantage of your resources and enjoy the flow of prose.

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Thanks for the input :)


I guess for me what makes the whole "good at writing" thing a bit peculiar is that writing isn't a passion of mine. While I like to blog on occasion or post on forums, that's all there is too it, that's basically the limit of my self expression. Despite that, I have been told that I should seek to develop my writing ability. This is an interesting territory because while I find it easy enough to write "academically", it's really out of my comfort zone to write "creatively".


And to be honest, I have never really been a creative person. As such, I think some classes are a good idea to really stretch myself. Who knows what might happen? But, for now it's just a curiosity to be good at something (apparently) that you are not really passionate about.

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It's not always just about writing novels and books. Having the ability to write well will give you a significant advantage in whatever career path you go down. Believe me. I know. A large portion of my job is writing and editing what others have written, and I do not work in even a remotely literary field. Writing is more than a learned skill; it's a talent. When you're good at it, others notice. Most people are terrible writers the same way most people are terrible singers, but nearly everyone recognizes good writers and good singers.


If you're naturally good at something, develop that talent as much as you can. You never know where it might lead or just how far it might take you.

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