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Man, this is really spur of the moment. I've only about 10 minutes to write, so if there are way too many grammatical errors to stomach, please feel free to NOT point them out, because I will not give a flying shit.


Some close to me know that I have taken a break from the boards on here, and several other places for that matter, due to the constant same old fat being chewed everyday. I wonder at times when folks are ready to quit purposely frothing at the mouth and actual do something about whatever it is that has an egg up there ass. More often than not, it is the typical tirades about policies of government, and lack of action therein. I see folks going on about how it all needs to just be scrapped. Toss the shit to the wind and start over. I've read others saying the voters' voices are no longer important and big biz now rules the roost. You know the whole saying about he who has all the gold...


While I understand and completely agree on some issues, disagree on others, and put up with being labeled, I stand back often and look at what is being passed on person to person. I realize the internet's usefulness is not happening. It isn't gathering folks together to take action. It sometimes gets folks to gather together and have a discussion. More often than not, I read troll like behavior that accomplishes nothing but start up a nasty argument and taint the entire point of the problem. Folks are too busy getting out their spiteful frustrations to slow down and actually find a way to solve the issue.


Shit, got five minutes left.


What I am getting at, is that this whole extreme of all or nothing that many complain they are sick of the Congress using as a tactic, they in turn use against their fellow Americans who do not agree. I see all this fervor and gusto about civil war coming to us, and secession threats, and "fuck them, they can leave" attitudes. While we laugh at how the religious are desperate to see End Times so that they know their accountability is finally over and they can escape their problems, I see that very same escapist mindset on many of the discussions in here and other supposedly rationally minded boards as of late. I do not know if folks realize that this is the same as religious escapism and I have to burst that bubble.


There are NO do overs.


I don't understand how we can see the wars raging in Syria, Somalia, Egypt, and more, and still not get the fact that THERE IS NOT MAGIC RESET. These wars I just mentioned are prime examples of people getting what we are screaming for, and now look at them.


Rational patience and political atheism needs to be practiced. I understand some social network sites are great sound boards for quick comments and brash statements, but those do not belong in forums where serious discussion is touted. Political doom of one party or all will not give us a fresh start. Frankly, replacing everyone already in office will not do so either.


Just like Obamacare, there are many good things are government has done. It is still safe for us to drive home on the highways, statistically speaking. We have safe food, though I agree Monsanto and FDA regulations brings that into more serious light. Overall, we have it good despite our Congress's failings, and to just say "Scrap it" is highly irrational. Improve what you have. You cannot seriously have the desire to start from the ground up like Syria, Egypt, Somalia and more are having to do.


Rational thinking. Calm reaction. Improve not destroy.


It's tough, but not like a self-fulfilled desire for Armageddon.


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