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Flappy Bird And Idiots




I don't mind this game, in fact I quite enjoy it and have a high score in the mid 80s :) What I found interesting though was the severe criticism some levelled against the developer of this simple addictive game. Well known web sites were accusing the developer of either making an angry birds clone, or ripping the artwork off of Mario. The gameplay is nothing like either of those games, and while the artwork may be similar it is not the same. It's a game inspired by retro games.


What generally pisses me off about people is that they hear a small fragment about a situation and all of a sudden they think they know the whole story and can begin to hand down a verdict of the situation. I wish people would be more humble about it all. Kotaku, one main website which initially accused the developer of ripping off Mario art has since backtracked and apologized. They wouldn't have had to do this had they simply taken time to process it all. Instead they saw that the situation was lively, and wanted to jump in and get as much attention as possible with as little info as possible.


God. People frustrate me.



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I hear you on this loud and clear. There is a movie that came out a couple years ago called Juan of the Dead. Everyone started saying it was like Shaun of the Dead. It was a quirky movie with comedy intertwined with horror and the reality of needing to own up to problems, but the storyline was very much different. Really, the two movies are only alike in title, but take very different directions as far as the story. It is amazing how easily others try to ruin works of others.

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I never understood how this got so much attention in the first place. It is not like this is something like Angry Birds, Mario, or Pokemon which are big parts of popular culture. I really don't get the outcry. Just some random game being pulled. Maybe people just like speculating ulterior motives and the game being pulled provided an excuse to do so.

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