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* Read some Iain Banks recently. It's Wasp Factory. Very sick, but it has a great sense of humour. Frankly, I'm looking forward to reading his Culture novels. If it's as funny as Wasp Factory, and as wonderfully written, then sign me up. Wasp Factory's very reminiscent of Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowiscz, actually. They're both great but are pretty damn odd.


* I'm seeing more political thought pop up all the more, lately. Several years ago, in university, we were all just drinking shots of whisky and discussing Gell-Mann and Finnegans Wake but nowadays we're getting into long slinging debates over workers' control of means of production and whether identity politics should be included in left wing thought. (Hint: I think identity politics is a legitimate offshoot of the leftist tradition) It's a sign of the times, really, that thoughts like "1% steals from 99%" are enmeshed even into the local poetry club's jams. I guess, with all the depredations committed upon the beneficiaries and disabled by the likes of Iain Duncan Smith and Paula Bennett, it was basically inevitable that there would be a radicalisation going on with marginalised people in all the stratas of society.


* Twitch Plays Pokemon is pretty avantgarde. 50,000 people playing a nostalgic game? (it was 15 years ago when I last played such a game. Time flies!) It's fascinating to see such an unprecedented psychological play by so many people. People were in the tug o' war between anarchy and democracy. If both options actually represents pure versions of anarchy and democracy, then it can be said both are seemingly indistinguishable. It was less chaotic than what I expected it to be. Only tens of times running into the wall instead of thousands? That's impressive, actually. Last I know, it's close to finishing the game. I hope it works out and it might well be fodder for future research into group psychology.


* Last night my brother and me tried Finlandia vodka. Such a great smell which is unusual for a vodka, it was blackcurrant and we ended up drinking quite a bit. It's not such a bad sort of flavoured vodka, actually.


* Have you ever wondered how a Deaf person could listen to John Cage's 4"33? Wonder no more. I sought out an original recording on Youtube and coupled it with Nicolas Cage. ("Cage does Cage" on Youtube for viewing pleasure.) It was cranked up loud on the headphone and it was a different sort of silence. Silence with cracks dispensed in between tacets, with Cage's rigor mortis acting. It was a match made in heaven. I sat doing nothing and it was pretty Zen. It was the most solemn four minutes thirty three seconds ever.


* Shocked, shocked that Jonny Quest was actually made in 1964 to 1965! I thought it was made in the eighties! Wonders would never cease. ohmy.png Loved that show.


* Ukraine, Russia and USA must never declare either a war or a cold war. Fuck both the options! I want swords turned into plowshares! It was miserable enough already in the 40s to 80s. Now we have to have a rehash of these wars? No more electric boogaloos, I beg you. It would mean much more paranoia and fear. Even though I was only a baby at the time, the fact the Wall collapsed is such a joyful fact to me. I do not like either communism or capitalism, but the thought of the Wall falling meaning people could be free... biggrin.png They could be peacefully be who they are, think any thoughts they could choose to think and dress how they liked to dress in spite of Reagan and Gorbachev. That moment in history was very brief, but it's a moment I like. Another favourite moment in modern history I like is the Singing Revolution of Estonia. They all actually held hands and sang against their oppressive regime. They succeeded! It's such a rare moment in the history of optimism. There's a video of it somewhere on Youtube, it's a spine shivering moment actually. Very misty, a line of protestors spread over the road, singing and holding hands and the Soviets looking nonplussed. What I would like for the world right now is for it to be free from the enforced paranoia and fear and propaganda the powerful and the elites shoving down our throats. It would again be an utterly beautiful moment to see people getting up and walking from fear and loathing of the years of before.

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