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The midterm elections are here, and this is something I am passionate about, probably more so than the presidential elections.


One of my favorite political discussions is: Do you know what your State legislators are up to?


If you haven't noticed yet, many conservative game players like Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Mitch Mc-cunt-el, and the forever orange John Boehner, have all but given up their push for more conservative policies regarding women's health and classroom religious studies. Instead, they have set their dogs out at the state level. Sadly, they have had a lot of temporary success, bolstering the zealously religious masses, and further dividing our country so they retain power.


Examples of such momentary successes would include:


Mississippi's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (Passed just a week ago, and yes, the governor signed it into law, more here: http://legiscan.com/MS/text/SB2633/id/706552)


Tennessee's Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act - which protects the rights of children in public schools (more like ensures special privilege.. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/25/tennessee-religious-discrimination-bill_n_5030344.html)


Georgia's "Preservation of Religious Freedom Act" is back from the dead, about to be tacked on to a budgetary bill that involves unemployment, essentially blackmailing the public into conceding freedom to the religious right (http://clatl.com/freshloaf/archives/2014/03/20/surprise-georgias-religious-freedoms-bill-is-back-from-the-dead)


Texas' not so surprising "Relgious Freedoms" Bill, which puts religious displays BACK in the classroom. (House Bill 308: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/tlodocs/83R/billtext/html/HB00308I.htm)


Arizona's tax break for churches that do not own property. Yes, that is right. They don't own property, AND they don't have to pay taxes. Church Property Tax Exemptions: HB 2281 (http://www.azpolicy.org/bill-tracker/church-property-tax-exemptions-hb-2281)


All of these examples are just a tip of the iceberg. There are many more waiting in the wings. One mights say, "Come on now, you are overreacting. The majority of these don't ever make it to a governor's desk." Well, now you have five examples that have, along with numerous others of similar nature in other states that did too.


The fight for freedom isn't on the federal level. The news media blowing up NSA spying, POTUS Obama trying to clamp down on media reporters and more? Those aren't nearly as important as the state fights for freedom we are facing now. The same conservative blow hards you hear on the radio decrying their Democratic colleagues as being all about big government, these political loud mouths are the ones passing legislation that truly interferes with your day to day life.


Many conservatives accuse those with liberal leanings of feeling entitled. Entitled when needing food, shelter, and financial aid in this shaky economy. But who are the ones really acting entitled? I would argue it is these same conservative lawmakers insisting they have the right to determine if a woman should be considered a whore or not for wanting contraception, and entitled in believing that they most certainly should have the right to pass laws pushing religious beliefs on the youth of this country, regardless of what culture you are a part of, or if you really want to even participate.


Why must we continue to put tax payer dollars to waste in litigious appeal cases when ridiculously freedom constraining laws are signed into action? Why must we continue to allow conservatives to keep pushing the boundaries of the Constitution at the cost of families and our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness?


One way to help save this money pit of legislating practice would be to not elect such officials to begin with!


Change the face of the Senate and House. Change the face of your local town and county you live in, as well. Most certainly one's vote holds the most power at the State level, so wield it! Without the conservative legs to stand on (state level elected officials like the governor and house members), these bastards will not have a way to keep us divided as a nation.


If you aren't registered to vote, get thee to your local election board and get registered.


Also, don't feel safe and secure in your right to vote just because you are registered either. Many conservatives have been toying around with their districts. Shutting down polling stations, limiting hours of operations, even shortening time to register or seek absentee ballots! No one is safe from a more difficult time to vote this year. And if you are in a swing state, call your local election board. You might be surprised to find out they have started "adjusting" polling locations and times, especially if in a conservative district.


Not sure how to find out all this information or who is even running in your state?


Go here: http://electoral-vote.com/


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