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If I Understand This Christian


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This Christian, he was laying out those “prophecies fulfilled” by Jesus the Messiah.


And I present with him the academic and historical approaches to Jesus that certain “prophecies fulfilled” are not necessarily prophecies. (if the information is from PBS, it is unbiased and responsible information)


He goes, “it is speculative, I don’t want to go there”. He would use the Hittites case for apologetics if the archaeology is in favor of the Bible, he would reject the archaeology as speculative if it is not in favor of the Bible.


So I go, “well, go to a theological seminary to study academically how the gospels came to be, how the gospel authors penned the gospels”. I am not even asking him to visit atheist or anti-Christian websites. Fair enough?


He the Christian says, “Why should I spend my money on it?”


And I bet he would continue to believe Jesus the Messiah fulfilled the OT prophecies and other classical evangelical apologetics and dogmas.


If I can understand this Christian, I will get a Nobel prize in psychology.

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Its head in the sand, or fingers in the ears theology.


Most dishonest, if you ask me. But, I do understand it. If you don't "see" it, or acknowledge it, it just doesn't exist, didn't happen.


Ignorance really can be bliss...

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