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Why oh why did I have to spend a few idle minutes browsing christianforums.com?! :vent:


I managed to come across a thread that's the most profound compilation of every stupid fucking stereotypical fundyspeak pat answer that I've ever seen! 5 pages of cliches... stereotyping.. snide, arrogant assumptions... and more examples of "No True Scotsman" in one place than I thought possible. <remembers to breathe> I know you guys have seen plenty of that crap already, but I'll post a few with my responses and maybe give everyone a good laugh (or cry) while I blow off some steam.


The most common reason why Christians leave the faith is that when a time of trail came they couldn't stand up to it. This could be also a accumulated series of events that causes great dissappointment and anger with God too. It is very hard to guard aginst, but these things can be overcome. There of course is no sure fire answer of how this is done, but faith is a big one.


No shit Sherlock, people eventually reach a breaking point - oh, but I thought biblegod said he wouldn't give us more than we could bear? Hmmmm...


It's not about having a religion but a relationship with Christ. Like I said it's hard to leave someone you love. God does not abandon anyone he's there, circumstances may change but he doesnt. And faith isnt a long complicated thing it's either you believe God is who is says he is despite circumstances or you dont. It's childlike faith. It's when everything isnt going you're way and everything seems to be falling apart, ((and I'm not saying it's easy and feels good. It doesnt )) But praising and trusting God through good and through difficult times is what it's all about. God just wants people to love and trust him.


I want to slap the mongoloid that posted this one, because I've heard this same shit from family. Yes, hmm, trust... Last time I checked, someone who makes promises and then doesn't keep them shouldn't be trusted - or if it only LOOKS like the promises aren't being kept, then that person better damn well explain things to you. Oh, but I should just not think about it and apply the magical Divine DoubleStandard .


Having a stronger faith. Put your faith in God and not religion.


:Wendywhatever: Yes, thank you ChristianForums!


Well, no matter how strong you are in the Lord, you aren't exempt from doubt...obviously those folks let doubt in and kept it there to spawn into full unbelief. That can happen to anyone if you let it. The key to prevention is staying in the Bible and staying close to God. These things will help greatly.


No thread's complete without a good round of "blame the victim"! And funny, I buried myself in the Bible and prayed constantly to "stay close to God," yet I'm posting *here*.


Faith (in the Christian sense) isn't an intellectual assent to a clearly visible fact. It's putting your whole trust in God even beyond what you find plausible. And it's not an all-or-nothing thing. Everyone, if they are honest, has doubts sometimes. "Lord, I believe. Help my un-belief."


.... As if we all didn't think to try THAT particular prayer at some point....


Ahhh, I feel better now... Crap like this has helped me to *really* understand the "not ready to be nice" article on the front page. Thumbs up to the author of that one, it's right on the money. I absolutely can't stand the mindless parroting of those fucking cliches any more, that nerve's rubbed raw. I can definitely identify with the part about finding behavior aberrant now that was previously "normal." At one point I was convinced that I'd figured out how eternal torment in hell was just and that the crucifixion/atonement made perfect sense. Bah! I'm going to sleep before I give myself a headache. Thanks for listening guys, hopefully those quotes provided a little sick comedy.

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