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Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

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Guest Shiva H. Vishnu

a rainless morning

stippled with lazy pollen

and the sun in sullen puddles

laps against the edges of my eyes

as a night of reckless singing

swims the length

of predawn quiet

till a baker's dozen cats

drum the floor upstairs

with a marathon of scampering:

the boon of whiskered life


gotta work

to eat, to live

gotta raise my bones to be

only then

will wanting give

the beating heart of life to me


so, bus and train and sidewalk

shove me through my day

as the beeping garbage trucks

slowly back away

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You're pretty damn talented aren't you?

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Wonderful sense of motionlessness to motion of all sorts in this, Shiva.


What a good read.

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