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From a web site that seldom fails to amuse...


After careful consideration, discussion, and prayer, the leadership of the Forums has concluded that certain sexual discussions are inappropriate for our Community.


It is ok for users to post threads asking about needing more attention from their spouse or dealing with the lack of affection in their marriage. However, the post do not need to include how to have sex in the shower, best positions for maximum pleasure, how to initiate sex, the funniest or most embarrassing thing to ever happen during sex, strangest places to have had sex. Additionally, posts making light of sex like asking about videotaping will not be permitted.


Sex topics of any kind will not be permitted in He Says/She Says.


We realize that there are users with legitimate questions regarding the sex act and whether certain things are permissible within the marriage bed. Thankfully, the World Wide Web has an excellent resource for Christians seeking information and advice on these issues. http://themarriagebed.com


Our community is not the ideal platform for sharing intimate details about sex.


Please refrain from using the community in this manner.


Please do not reply to this message within the Community.


Please email Community@salemwebnetwork.com with questions, comments, or concerns.


Please do not send me PMs regarding this message.

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