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A Collection Of Rants Against Rev. Jeremiah

Reverend AtheiStar

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The American Heathen - THIS MAN IS DISGUSTING! Please DO NOT Click on this link or watch his DISGUSTING video! This man should be called the American Demon!


Damien Bishop - YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS! This man is also disgusting and, well, disgusting! BEWARE that you do not touch this link!


Lauren Floyd - DO NOT BELIEVE THIS MANS LIES! Reverend Jeremiah would NEVER molest anyone. This is an example of the lies atheists spread for SATAN!


John Mill - OBVIOUSLY A LIBERAL HOMOSEXUAL SATANIST MOLESTER!!! Any heterosexual can judge this mans panziness with ease. Keep Children far away!


Ernesto Haibi - SO CALLED CONSERVATIVE! Do not be fooled by this imposter, he may even teach your children that atheists do dwell in fox holes, which is impossible!


Lauren Floyd - CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS! He actually ACTS like our God inspired, GAH-LORIOUS President Bush! He is infested with DEMONS people. Pity him!


"Reverend" Atheistar - REVEREND MY PATOOTIE!!! There is no way in Hell fire that GOD ALMIGHTY would allow an atheist to call him self a Reverend! For shame on you!

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