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Just Saw The Ass End Of The Coral Ridge Hour


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Well, more of our favorite lies being spread by the hatemongers known as the Christian "wrong" have been on television today. While I was not able to watch the entire episode (only the last 10 minutes of it), there were enough lies to last throughout the day.


Starring : D. James Kennedy, Ann Coulter, The Dover School Board singers, etc.


Once again, D. James Kennedy feels it is his duty to tell everyone what to believe. Once again, he demonizes the ACLU as a threat against our souls for defending the Constitution. Once again, he uses generalizations and half-truths to beg his viewers for money to support his cause. And of course, he interviews the "evolution expert" Ann Coulter about her field of study, which is how to villify anyone who isn't like her. I love how they supported the stickers on the science books saying "Evolution is only a theory, not a fact". Maybe they should have a sticker that says "Gravity is only a theory, not a fact". They want to do everything to take the minds of our kids by telling them mythology in science classrooms. Is this any surprise? Christians (at least the fundies and old school catholics) have constantly fought science since they got any power in the 5th century.


What is more hilarious is that these Christian scumbags on this show were saying how the ACLU is a threat to the Christian way of life. Yes the 80% of Christians (20% which are fundie scumbags) are really threatened by the 20% of everyone else who doesn't try to bother them.


Yes, it is persecuting Christians to make them equal with everyone else. The ACLU is evil for making Christians have to stand in line like everyone else and obey the Constitution. Talk about the Crock of Ages.


I'm out.

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