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What A Week I'm Having!

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What a WEEK I’m having!


As a teen, I laughed my ass off at that line from Eugene Levy in “Splash”. The poor shmuck was getting it from every direction. Now I’m having that week.


I wrote an email to my ex about two weeks ago giving her my ultimatum for summer visitation with my kids. So, this morning, after getting to stew for the last 14 days, I get her one word reply; “NO.” I expected as much, but she has a way of putting me on edge with every single breath she takes.


Now we get to go to court. The thing is that I KNOW what she’s thinking and it just INFURIATES me.

“The Lord will take care of this. He’ll make sure my children aren’t taken from me for more than two weeks at a time.”

The ONLY way the LAWD is going to “take care” of anything for her is through the fact that we have to go to court in BUMBLE FUCK Alabama where the belief in the LAWD is so prevalent he might as well be real. In the south, the collective opinion of how things should be, according to GAWD, is a force to be reckoned with. Being an atheist in that situation, I’m of course painted out to be “Big Red” himself. So if I don’t get at least half of the summer, she’ll be reinforced in her belief that the LAWD took care of her. This in turn strengthens her resolve to teach my children that the LAWD shall supply all their needs, which in turn will contribute to utterly undermining their self-reliance. Finally, they end up looking to the invisible skydaddy to solve all their problems. You know. Like, “Dear invisible skydaddy, should I marry this impoverished young fool that’s proposed to me after knowing me only six weeks or should I date him for a year or more to see if we are actually compatible?”


[Flashing Marquee Lights across the inside of closed eyelids] MARRY HIM [/Flashing Marquee Lights across the inside of closed eyelids]


“Praise GAWD! Yes, I’ll be an idiot and marry the idiot!” (paraphrase of mine and my ex’s whirlwind romance)


Then that relationship falls apart and she of course can’t rely on her own strength to recover, but must again look to the invisible skydaddy. “Dear invisible skydaddy, should I marry this man who has proposed to me after knowing me only 1 month and only 8 months after my divorce was finalized?”


[Flashing Marquee Lights across the inside of closed eyelids] MARRY HIM [/Flashing Marquee Lights across the inside of closed eyelids]


“Praise GAWD! Yes, I’ll be an idiot and marry the idiot!”


But you get the picture.


So there’s THAT part of my week. ANOTHER part deals with my girlfriend and her relationship with her father. She is the oldest of three sisters. She is extremely close to the youngest sister, but the middle one is classic bi-polar and resists any attempts to help her. For some STRANGE reason, the father enjoys being manipulated by the middle sister and even goes so far as to estrange the other two to be with her. He’s also an alcoholic. My girlfriend has dealt with his completely ignoring her while the middle sister is around and then calling her and trying to be lovey dovey when the middle sister is gone and he is drunk for most of her adult life. So the last time he did it, she finally got fed up. He calls drunk and they small talk for a bit. Then he says, “Well I was just thinking about you and I missed you honey,” to which she responds, “Why? Because [Jen] is gone?” This sent him over the edge. He told her to fuck off and hung up on her.


He sent her an email the next day telling her that he was sick of her attitude and until she changed it not to contact him again. Otherwise, he’d see her at the funeral. He’d be the dead one. :Wendywhatever: Fucking prick.


So my girlfriend and the youngest sister decide that they have to form a united front to their dad and write him a letter letting him know how they feel. They poor their hearts out to him, let him know that they believe he has not loved them equally, etc., etc. I read the letter after they sent it and it wasn’t bad at all. As a father, I would have been moved by it. So they send it (the same email) from each of their email accounts. The asshole responds to the youngest saying that he needs time to think it over. He responds to my girlfriend by saying “Please remove me from your email list.”


I got home that afternoon and my girlfriend is in tears. She of course thinks that her father doesn’t love her anymore. She’s had to deal with all this for years, and now she believes it’s finally culminated in her father completely rejecting her. I sat down later that evening and wrote a scathing email to him telling him exactly what I thought of his bullshit in absolutely no uncertain terms. I even said something about him having a “practically incestuous” relationship with his middle daughter. :eek:


Oh boy. So then this morning, I’m thinking about things and I realize I was really harsh with him. He may hate me after he reads that letter. Then I think about the response my girlfriend got from him when she sent the letter. It’s strange because she got EXACTLY the same response from him the last time she sent him an email. She sent him a reply after receiving the last one and got EXACTLY the same response AGAIN. Wheels start clicking in my head. Oh SHIT. He didn’t send her that response. He has her email address BLOCKED and that is the AUTOMATED RESPONSE to anyone on his blocked list! FUCK ME!!! I just sent a letter CURSING my girlfriend’s dad because of the AUTOMATED RESPONSE SHE GOT to her heartfelt letter! OH FUCKING SHIT!!! I tried to go back and recall the letter, but it was sent from a Hotmail account, so it can’t be recalled. I wrote him an apology letter, acting as if I had just reread the email and realized it was too harsh, not letting on that I realized I had completely fucked up. I said that I understood if he hated me and never spoke to me again, but that if he’d make up with my girlfriend and her sister that it would all be worth it, which of course it would.


Shit, what a WEEK I’m having!!!


How is everyone else's? :ugh:

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Sorry to hear about your battles, Bob.

It sounds like you and your ex have your own NFL league and the referees are on her side.


Good luck in court!


Thanks! I appreciate it. Gonna need all the luck I can get. LAWD knows the LAWD ain't looking out for MY best interests. He wants ME dead! Just check the bible! It'll tell ya!


I don't think you were too harsh. How is having his own daughter's email blocked any better than if he'd typed out the response himself and sent it?


Hehe, you haven't read the letter. However, your point is valid...and is what my girlfriend said this morning when I told her what I thought was going on. But haven't you ever done something in a heated moment that you regretted later? Okay, the guy is a total ass for treating the two daughters that love him unconditionally worse than the one that uses and abuses him. That much is a given. But I reacted hotheadedly as well and ended up making an ass of myself. Oh well. We'll see what happens!

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