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Damned Dmv

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Bunch of moneygrubbing bastards at the California DMV. Subconsciously I knew that my tags were going to expire sometime around July, but I didn't make a big deal out of trying to remember when. I figured I'd get my notice from the DMV the month before and would have plenty of time to get it done.


Well, June comes and goes. No notice. July comes and goes. No notice. I wonder if maybe the tags don't expire til August, but I don't bother to look. August comes and is almost gone and I get a notice. But it's a LATE NOTICE. I never received the original notice informing me that my tags were due and have now been charged an extra $120 as a late fee!!! BASTARDS! And there's nothing I can do to PROVE that I did not receive the mail! I HATE THE BASTARDS!


/end rant

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Could be worse. A long time ago I forget to pay the tags on my car. Six months later I pay the bill and it all goes through without a hitch. No problem. My wife notices this and tries to play the same game with her car. One night we decide to go to the movies. We take her car and I'm driving. Look in the mirror and a cop lights me up. Damn! I'm stopped for her expired tags. Her really expired tags. No simple ticket will do in this case. They impound the car. Up on the flatbed tow truck it goes. We're stranded along side the rode. I manage to beg the cop for a ride back to our apartment...which I get in the back seat. All in all it cost hundreds in all the fees to get the tags and impound fees just because she thought it would be neat to get a little extra time on the bill like I did.


Oh, and I also got a bill for just $1 in the mail because the lady at the DMV would NOT take it in person after I stood in the line. No matter what I said or who I tried to talk with they simply refused to take this $1 at the brick and mortar building. That pissed me off.



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Yeah the CA DMV is seriously dysfunctional. I empathize.

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