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--Humanist Network News #6


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Segment 1:

Interview: Is America a Christian nation? Host Duncan Crary speaks with Dr. Timothy Gordinier about his recent debate with a Christian fundamentalist lobbyist on separation of churchand state. Dr. Gordinier is the director of public policy at the Institute for Humanist Studies. He is a registered lobbyist for humanism in New York state.

Musical Interlude: "Gods Don't Worry" by Stanley Lucas Revolution

Segment 2:

Interview: How can the humanist movement attract more young people? Matt Cherry, executivedirector of the Institute for Humanist Studies, speaks with Stephanie Kirmer. At 21, Stephanie is already a veteran freethought activist and the newest board member of the Institute for Humanist Studies. Stephanie discusses growing up in the Kansas "Bible Belt" and how the Internet provided a lifeline to a more rational worldview.

Listener Comments

Segment 3:

Interview: Humanism in Norway. The Norwegian Humanist Association has 68,000 members out of a population of just 4.5 million. Roar Johnsen, president of the Norwegian Humanist Association joins Duncan Crary, Matt Cherryand IHS President Larry Jones for a discussion at the Institute for Humanist Studies.


The Rev. Duane Motley | The Rev. Tom Stiles | FederalistSociety of Syracuse | Campus Free Thought Alliance | Secular Student Alliance | Human-Etisk Forbund (NorwegianHumanist Association)

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