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ain't it great? Our helpdesk team at work commonly consists of a maximum of six call center agents. That's already not that much, considering how many thousands of users we have to service with taking 80 % of all calls within 30 seconds. But in the last few months it worked. Mostly.


Until things started happening. Let's have a look at the personnel roster:


Volker - left our company after our customer declared "we don't want this agent in the EHD any longer" (Long story, best to be told another time)

Iris - will emigrate to Dubai after the following week. Connections are everything... I'm not envious, I'm not envious, I'm not envious...

Mark - will begin studying computer science at the technical university of nearby Braunschweig.

Antje - our "resident helpdesk cutie" has (basically) already left for goo' ol' Hamburg for half a year, to gain some more practical experience at another place.


So... if I'm lucky I'll have 1 (in words: ONE) coworker with experience to help out the n00bs in our team. Can I get some extra salary for teaching them please? Let alone that I need an assistant to tell our n00bs "Please draw a number and come back later" if things get wild... :vent:


Okay, it's not their fault, and I have to admit they're currently learning damn fast. But still... can I please just do my work without having to help them out every other minute?




Okay, now I feel better. Thanks for listening ;)

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Ah..N00bs are always fun! I'm on my second in three weeks. And things are always hectic at my job, not much time for training. (Which could be why they don't stay.. :shrug: )


Hard not to come off like a bitch when trying to avert one crisis after another, simply "barking" instructions while on the run..


Gave me three days of cluster migraines, followed up by some kind stomach bug that I finally said "that's it! I'm going home, y'all handle this shit for the day!"


Yeah..Monday's coming..hell to pay for it then.


All that to say.."I empathize."

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