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Goodbye Jesus

The Citizen's Guide To Surviving Police Encounters


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Thanks. Good video and good points that aren't often brought up.

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Very Educational Thanks K

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Wish they had something like this for airports.

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Great post Niv. There is a big difference between US and Australia though, as we don't have a Bill of Rights as the US does.


From an FAQ published by the Law Society of NSW:


Do I have to submit to a search?


Yes. Police can stop, search, and detain you if they have reasonable grounds to believe you are carrying something illegal, stolen items, drugs, things obtained illegally, or things police believe may be used illegally such as tools for theft or weapons.


Police can pat you down, look in your pockets and bags and search your car. Police are only allowed to strip search you in serious and urgent circumstances, and there are strict rules to ensure privacy and supervision. If you refuse to be searched, the police may arrest you and use force to search you.


When carrying out a search, the police officer involved is required to provide their name, place or duty and reasons for the search.


A judge or magistrate will decide whether or not the police had reasonable grounds for the search at a later date.


(Emphases mine)


PS (source ibid


What should I do when arrested?


Politely insist that you be allowed to contact a lawyer. You have the right to have a lawyer present while you are being questioned to give you advice. There is no legal aid for lawyers to attend police stations to advise you during questioning.

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Great Vid!


And it's not like we do a purse and bag check of our friends and their friends before they get into our cars.


If I don't know what's in my car, I just as soon exercise my right to not consent to search. Especially if I have no idea what might be found in a friend of a friend's property, or what might have dropped from their bag into the interior of my car prior to a traffic stop.


I even forwarded that video to my parents. Despite being law-abiding citizens, even my folks and I have learned the police are untrustworthy assholes and the best thing to do in their presence is to say as little as humanly possible.

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