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Goodbye Jesus

Writers Take Note


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1. There really is a God, but different from how imagined by any current or past Earth religion...


2. There really is Heaven/Hell, but different from how imagined by any current or past Earth religion.


3. Heaven/Hell is the same plane, where every soul entity goes after death on Earth. It is part of the Earth experience. Here in Heaven/Hell, each entity observes everyone that he/she has known when alive on Earth, observes them 24/7, and sees how they actually are, in all things.


4. Each entity gets to decide when he/she's had enough of Heaven/Hell, and then moves on to other planes/planets for other experiences. Each planet is for different things. You'll have to decide for yourself if Pluto is a planet or not, and if the asteroids count or not.


5. Eventually, entity goes to Sun, is consumed and achieves at-one-ment.


6. Do the other systems have anything to do with human existence in this system? Well, Sagan, Asimov, Heinlein and others dealt with that already, so steal from them if you like.



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