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Goodbye Jesus

Signing Off?


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I have posted several contributions to this website. I guess it’s been for me, like others, a kind of catharsis. If once you held strong religious belief its loss can be a painful experience. It took over 60 years of my life finally to extinguish the last vestige of religiosity from my mind. Since then I have experienced a peace beyond my imagination when I was younger. I am increasingly aware of how continuous reading and writing about religion, its absurdity and dangers is a threat to the very peace of mind I now enjoy. If I was a lot younger I may well do all I could to expose the dangers of religion with all its falsehoods. But now I think I will move on to those other spheres of my life that continue to bring me such joy in the years I have left. There are so many people out there who are doing a wonderful job helping people to resolve their doubts. I wish them well.

I was reflecting the other day about what advice I would give my new grandson when he is old enough to talk to. I guess it will be ‘Be, and make others, happy. Live in peace.’ I cannot think of anything else worth saying.

That’s all from me for now.


Regards to you all.

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Do well on your journey, the door here is never locked for you.


When you pass by, drop in, leave a note.



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Wherever your road takes you padhyde, may you live in happiness and peace.




A kind farewell from Germany ;)

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