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Goodbye Jesus

Fscking Hovind...


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Hovind is spreading a number of debates via his DrDino website. Some religious nutcase is posting them on a newsgroup and I downloaded the debate with Karen Bartelt to watch it. I stopped about 2 minitus into the video, because that no good fscker is interrupting the speech by Dr Bartelt every minute or so to insert his own diatribe (that is, after the debate, without Dr. Bartelt being able to respond). He is a sore loser. I was hoping to enjoy the debate, but I'll have to look for it from another source. What a terrible sicko :(

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Guest copacetic

Hovind is an utter tool with absolutely nothing worthwhile to say - The only good thing about him is that he even manages to make most Christians cringe.


Not worth the time, I would rather watch a soap opera.

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