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Goodbye Jesus

The Superficiality Of Human Lives


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This quote is from Eli Jaxon-Bear. He's a very thought provoking, deep-thinker.


"Depression is deeper than the superficial life that most people are supposed to live in. If you live a very superficial life, if you don't look too deeply and you don't look too far, if you just live in the day to day, then, you don't get depressed because

you're too busy and too active. And you don't want to get bored.


Because boredom is a signal that you might be getting close to

depression. So instead of getting bored, you have a beer, go to a movie, have sex, or work harder.


And all of that is to stay superficial on the surface of things, because if you fall in deeper, you see that everyone know's that it's a fraud. Everyone knows that it's a sham.

The most successful people in the world know it's a sham, they know they're faking it. The most poor people they know it's a sham, they can see through it. Everybody knows it.

The question is, what do you do about it?"

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