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Goodbye Jesus

Finally Retired "ole Red" Today


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Mechanics joy is the collection of tools and assorted and allied gear collected over years of doing service and work.


No exception here, got thousands of uSD's worth of hand and power tools all needed at one time to be able to keep working, vehicles of equipment going, plants on time, and customers happy and paying.


In this collection is "Old Red" my very first "top box", the one that fits eventually on the roll-around box you buy on credit from the itinerant tool guy or gal.


Red is a simple box, just three drawers and a compartmented top, not really a lot of room, but for a newbie mechanic and welder, it held well enough, even to point he was stuffed over full with the oddiments and assortments collected for the wide and varied jobs called to work on.


Served well, in the back of my welding truck he made several trips across the Western uS. He sat on a borrowed rolling cabinet in several shops as I worked day or week work for several shops.

Always worked and never complained, even when filled to over 600 uS pounds fulla tools and sheer shit.. :)


He was sat in my shop a few years back when the construction crew let me into the new haciendaFatman's hideout. Placed on a GASP!!! Craftsman, Sears brand bottom box, he became elBeasto's toolbox. Again, serving Beastie well, doing as a mindful watcher and holder of wealth and steel Red kept working.



Today, Ole Red was finally taken out of daFatman's service.

Bought Beastie a professional grade topbox, his collection of tools is growing in assortment to point he requires the services of a much great volumed and drawered cabinet.


As things were being pulled out of Red I found so many little things, trapped under the sections of ancient industrial carpet used to line the drawer bottoms so long ago, things like the little self adhesive cross my wayyyyyyy back then xtian girl had given me.

Found several reciepts, meals and things bought, the paper carefully put away, found decades later.

Fond memories of liquid fun nights and weekends before, wrappers from headache medications buried under things not moved for years.


Washing the dirt, grime and dust off Red shows he still shines, not bad for a tool box that is 30-odd years used, and none of that easy miles.


Suspect with the lack of room, he'll be sold, hopefully to another young cat, one who is starting out, and needs a good, strong box cheap...



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Aww, Niv..I love tool boxes. My father was a machinist/tool and dye/welder/mechanic/barber(that last had nothing to do with his tool boxes, lol)..he had multiple sets..MAC, Craftsman..a few others. Complete sets.


My mother sold all of it when he passedm made me really :( to see it all gone. I do have one screwdriver left, with his name stamped into it.


My ole Red bring the same happiness and helpfulness to the next owner..and may they take the same care for it and what goes in that you have..

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Oh my...I looked at the thread title, and came here ready to give sympathy because I thought you had to put a dog down. Though I see from your post that clearing the ol' tool box out can still leave you with a lot of fond memories.

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what a great sentiment......a man and his tool box!


It does have a dark side.....

Sheds filled to the brim with disgarded 'tool boxes'....generations of em'....THE orginal toolbox - totally imported from the 'old country'...waaaay back ...not long after the second world war. Repainted in sickly pale green back in the 70's.


I'll never part with that one! Never!!!

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I have to say...this has to be the most moving thing I have ever read about a toolbox. It is always a bit bittersweet to stumble upon those tucked away memories.

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