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Goodbye Jesus

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I've been posted! And his blog is excellent, you all should check it out. Maybe even write a thing or two about me ; )





Atheist Mommy

It's bad enough being discriminated against if you're an Atheist. Or because you're a woman. Or because you are a minority. Or because you're in a mixed marriage. What if you are all four??


The Diary of an Atheist Mommy is an excellent blog from a mother of two children who is all of this. She's stuck in Virginia bible land, and has no problem letting everyone know who she is and what she believes. Of course, being honest and open about your convictions will always lead you to grief. This is demonstrated by the amount of discrimination she faces. But her blog comes across as cheerful and optimistic in spite of that.


Go read her blog. If you're a non-believer like me, you'll enjoy it

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Nice site and good reads mommy. If we could rid the world of godfuckindamn religion we'd all be better off. Spend our time and energy helping real people in real ways. Paying homage to fairies in the sky is a waste of time. Thanks.

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