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Goodbye Jesus

Mind Control?


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Is that like ....the 'camera never lies'....


Eyewitness news ?


:HaHa: As if anyone believes everything on TV or in the court room...............or takes someone's word for it........or anything written by anyone....EEK!


Love this....

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. "

Winston Churchill


Btw...with my current dial up thangy I didn't have time to download it all. I'm happy to eat my words...or as old Churchy once said..."its never given me indigestion".



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You didn't see it all. He says Christianity is the ultimate mind control.



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Oh dear..I'm such an Impatient Idiot!

That was worth waiting around for........I loved it. !

I nearly sprung tears....you know I'm also 'not over -reacting' and I think its entirely reasonable to be so pissed off with the christian religion.


I resent being told (online) that I'm sounding too angry - fukyou!


I haven't wasted so many years relatively speaking...but childhood was a complete writeoff...all my family (blood) relationships have been destructive as all hell to put it mindly.....yep fukedup!


& to realise that its all for nothing! The idoits can't be bothered to read their own bibbble properly and see for themselves what utter crap it contains.!


My personal favorite is.....Mal 2-3 god will 'spread shit on your faces'






time to peace out now


great stuff - I'll spread it around.

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