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Goodbye Jesus

Anyone Come Across This Kinda Stuff


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Take a look at that. Dont ya hate it. Theirs no evidence. Just ignorance and lies. For example, on the issue with the fossilised hammer, i was reading ona a forum discussion. Conveniently the Christian arrives with his evidence and test done by some guy. Once again he is shot down. The person who did the tests had affiliations with a creationiast organisation and had repeatedly refused requests to do independant tests on the artifact. An example of this is some guy who runs labs at some university. (note, I apologise for the generalised comments, ive lost the forum I was reading, it on another computer)..........Yes..Well he made a polite, formal request to do tests on the artifact for free through a research grant of some sort. The organisation that keeps the hammer never responded. Lies lies lies


Sorry, I found it.



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How about this one, in a similar vein: -



Are We Chimps? Or the Sons of God? I Prefer the Second



................If we want to believe that our grand-grand-grand…father was a monkey, we will search for a proof to sustain our belief. But if we believe in God we already have the proof in front of us, even before we begin our search.


I honestly dislike considering myself a relative of some funny chimp, although I heard about the performances Sultan had in Kohler’s experiments. And I don’t find a reliable source of explanations for the complexity that surrounds me a partial skeleton which dates back million years ago.


I do have a soul and I do believe in God. I know that he created the Universe and that he created the humans. I dispatch Good from Evil because I am a moral human being, and I also know that I am far from perfection. I have come to know that on course of my evolution, but I don’t compare my evolution to an animal’s.


The God in which I believe created me as the ultimate purpose of His entire creation and he also gave me the power to protrude His secrets with the wisdom He has endowed me with. He didn’t give that to a monkey. Moreover, he made the monkey and all other animals obey me as their master.


And no, He did not sacrifice His Son for an ape, nor is His Son a relative to a chimpanzee.


This is my scientific belief. I call it scientific because I have far better proof of the existence of God than I have for the existence of the famous “missing link” between me and the animal world.


Who doesn’t believe me should go to Israel on the day the Resurrection of Jesus is celebrated by the Orthodox Church. He would then witness there how candles in the Holy Tomb kindle without “logical” explanation and their fire, along with the candles’ fire, burns without hurting those who keep their palms above. And how the Patriarch’s beard remains intact although he first enters in contact with the fire of Resurrection.


I DO believe in God but I don’t believe in Australopithecus afarensis.



Entire article here: - http://www.playfuls.com/news_002264_Are_We...the_Second.html

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You've done a good job of highlighting the key points here, and furthermore, this passage quoted shows one thing above all:


This person lacks any kind of empathy with people who don't think his way.


Stating inferences as 'obvious' fact without so much as even entertaining an evolutionist's method of thinking or assumptions is simply ignorace. I know why Christians think as they do, and I understand (In no small part from words said on this site) why they have such trouble seeing other points of view.





There's one last thing I wish to add which I hope some evo-naysayer reads:


We did NOT evolve from MONKEYS, APES or GORILLAS! We shared the same common ancestry at some point in time! Get this into your heads!

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