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Goodbye Jesus

America's Father Hunger


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Guy doesn't have to have religion to be a good Dad..

Dunno if I'm a good example or not, but Beastie has been raised sans *religion* and seems to have turned out to be a fairly good kid/teen so far..








America's father hunger

Liberty For All

by Mike McCormick and Glenn Sacks


"Are fathers irrelevant? Are they really the useless buffoons we see

on TV? The irresponsible deadbeats the local DA says they are? The

controlling abusers we see in domestic violence PSAs? That's not the

way Tim Russert's readers see them. Russert's new book, Wisdom of Our

Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons, is a surprise

runaway hit, reaching #1 on both the New York Times bestseller list

and on Book Standard's Overall Bestsellers Chart. In 2004, Russert

published Big Russ and Me about his father, and says he received an

'avalanche' of letters from men and women who wanted to tell him about

their own dads. Wisdom is largely a sampling of those 60,000 letters."




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