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Potential For Stem Cells


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Scientists develop insulin-producing cells


Scientists at a California biotechnology company said they have developed a way to turn embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing pancreatic cells.


Scientists at Novocell in San Diego said years of research remain before a therapy can be developed from their study of using embryonic stem cells to replace cells destroyed by the body's immune system because of juvenile, or type 1, diabetes, the New York Times said Friday.


Embryonic stem cells have the potential of being turned into any type of tissue in the body and in current research scientists are experimenting with using them to form various types of tissues, the Times said.


Although scientists see the study as an advance over previous studies of turning stem cells into insulin-producing cells, the Times said, they note the cells in those lab experiments did not increase or decrease their insulin supply in response to changing blood sugar levels.


Emmanuel Baetge, Novocell chief scientific officer, said that is because the cells weren't mature but resembled insulin-producing cells in a human fetus, the Times said. He said it is after a baby is born that cells respond to glucose levels.

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That's great. We just have to make sure that bush and his family, and anyone that is against stem cell research, do not get any.

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Ay Ay Ay....!


It pisses me off to no end to see research on something so promising, that could well lead to medical advances that work such wonders for so many, to be suppressed by a dark ages mentality toward science. It nearly leaves even me flabbergasted that someone would simply decree that a minuscule ball of undifferentiated cells is a human life and to add that warped, sick logic to more warped sick logic that their god considers harvesting these stem cells (with all their potential for medical breakthroughs) to be murder to make a twisted argument that sitting back in ignorance and letting people suffer and die is the moral thing to do where harvesting a few generic, undifferentiated cells and developing lifesaving medical techniques is IMMORAL!!??? And then flaunting themselves as the guardians of "morality", having proudly committed their vile deed of taking the effort to deny any help from potential medical breakthroughs to those suffering and dying!!??? THAT'S twisted! ...and then that we're not talking about some random crackpot, but a crackpot/crackpots that control national policy...


Don't get me started...

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