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Goodbye Jesus



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(This is a poem that I originally wrote circa 1987. The original is in English, French and *gasp* Esperanto. This version was done in 2002 and integrates idioms from all three versions.)



There was no escape;

I woke into the nightmare.


Whispering to the darkness,

Answered by a shout!


"You were the ones who abandoned God.


"Sadly Mankind looked heavenward,

Not in shame but in selfishness:

Addicted to mortal diversions,

Ignorant of hunger and pain.


Heard but not answered;


Seen but not satisfied;

Mortal eyes,

Blinded by divine Light."


What crap!

We're still here.

Where could we have gone?

All we have is this world of tears.

So what if we're 'Only Human'?

Human suffering will have to suffice.


What was Golgotha:

Object lesson in how to abuse your only son,

Or sleight of hand:

'No deities were harmed in the making of this crucifixion.'

Hey, Magician!

While you're down here trying to save our butts,

It would really, really help

If you got that poor kid down off that damn cross.

Our kidnapped souls shall not be ransomed

With the blood of Man nor God.

And, now that you have proven our innocence,

We need neither forgiveness nor redemption.


I fell back upon the bed

And as my eyes closed I murmured,

My poem may enrage You,

But I stand by every word

For I love the Many

As well as the One.


Now go away and let me sleep!

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When I think of 3:16, I think of that wrestler from the late 1990's, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.


And I have a poem of sorts I am inspired to share now (thank you Astreja!).



"For Austin so loved the world he cracked open his only Heineken, and whosoever attempted to take it got a smack down".






Shawn :)

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Astreja, I love that poem. It says it like it is.


Inside another half hour it will be 3:16--in the morning.


And 3:16 means: For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that all who believe on him should not perish but have everlasting life. Amazing.

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