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Stupid People In Charge Of Your Life.


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I'm feeling so badly for my roomate right now. Day before yesterday, his father had a massive stroke. He was pretty much the only family my roomie really cared about so this has been really hard on him and his fiance (also my roomate).


My roomie spent pretty much the last two days in constant contact with what he calls his Step-Monster. This woman is vicious, abusive, nasty, dim-witted, and overly controlling. She was really horrible to him growing up, and he understandably loathes her. He's had to have more contact with her in the last two days than he's had to have since he left home when he was 17 to get the fuck away from this woman. He should get a medal for his patience. At point after 1 1/2 of talking to her and trying to make her understand what was happening, his fiance grabbed the phone from him and started screaming at her for her sheer stupidity.


Because the really sad part of all this is, his father's life was in this woman's hands, and so of course she was the one who had to take care of all the medical decisions and sign the forms allowing the doctors to work. Unfortunately, she was completely unable to understand anything the doctors were telling her, but tried to make believe that she did because she's a control freak. Instead of letting them do their work, she got in their way and wouldn't sign the forms necessary for certain procedures. They MIGHT have been able to save his life if she had allowed them to do what they needed to do to clear the arteries so he could get blood to his brain at the time it was critical. But, she was more of a hinderance than a help and now it's too late. Last night when I went to bed, my two roomies were still up waiting for "that call" to let them know that his father had passed away.


I'm angry on their behalf. Granted, even if the Step-Monster hadn't been a stupid idiot, he might have still died or if he lived, had to live with the devestation of what a major stroke can do to you. But she made their grief that much worse and everything so much harder on everybody needlessly. For that, she needs a serious ass kicking.


Sorry if this isn't terribly coherant, I'm just angry on their behalf and ranting.

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