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Goodbye Jesus

Soulwinner Ministries


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This evangelist group Soulwinner Ministries showed up on our campus. Im sure thats common but this is the first I've seen since I came to college.


I saw a little of their preaching, but couldn't stay to heckle them with the counterprotestors cos I had a meeting with my advisor.


Long story short they called us a "campus of masturbators", did the usual rant against homosexuality, abortion, basic sinning in general, "real xtians don't sin" and of course "you are abominations!" Hell! Burning brimstone!"


Bunch of students, including the Gay Pride Alliance and some other groups formed a counterprotest(interestingly the Campus Crusade for Christ joined w/ the counterprotest, but then again this is a pretty liberal campus).


I thought the preacher guy was funny, waving his bible around and shaking his hand at the sky constantly. :loser:


When I was leaving I saw him pick up one of his kids (his wife was there with their 2 infants) and walk around satring a rant agaisnt abortion. Signs were good tho, students were heckling him as he talked. Someone passing by the area yelled out: "You guys shut the fuck up!"


That was an amusing thing to see today.

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When some anti-abortion fuckstain starts their shit, private, public, where.the.fuck.ever, simply ask said shithead:


"How many adopted kids do you have?"


If the answer is <1, then feel free to ignore, (self edited for uneccessary roughness), continue with your life..


If by any chance the answer is >1+ then give the asshole a pat on back and walk away from the preaching idiot, ignoring him, and rolling a fattie out of his handed out tracts or bibles..


Carlin made the observation in his skit that "..no one group has less abortions than homosexuals.."

Kinda funny when the ministry assholes start yelling about abortion and homosexuals that their "blending of sins" makes little less sense..


Its fun to bait and have the folks from religion.R.Them.

Lautermilch has produced and hung tons of pics from his watching the folks on Miami Beach preaching and getting shot down by the assembled crowds..


Baiting and debating "them" is a good way to burn calories and tune up your abilities to debate and discuss under pressure in public..


Fuck'um all..



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re. they called us a "campus of masturbators",



Can you explain the context of that?

Aside from the usual Ad Hominin that fundies love, I don't get that.

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