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Pc Games - Lost Four Hours Of Gameplay


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So I was playing "X2 - the threat".


For those who don't know that game, it's a SciFi game where an alien race with remarkably powerful warships attacks the spacefaring humans and their allies and enemies out of nowhere.


I had managed to capture one of the alien fighter crafts with all of its BFGs (big fucking guns) still intact. Saved that game the first chance I got :HaHa: . And kept on hunting.


After a while the game started to suddenly consume 100 % of CPU time on my machine. Happened with increasing frequency.


So after the game crashed while trying to save (after I just captured another one of the alien fighters...!) I finally got fed up and decided to re-load one of the auto-saved games.


"X2 has found a problem and needs to be terminated"


What the FUCK?!!!


Found that out of my total of five saved games of that campaign, only one still works. Oh well, normally I'd say "Sith happens" (if in Star Wars mode...). But why the fuck are saved games that weren't written to since well before the problems started also corrupt, all of a sudden?!


Don't you just looooove it? That's the kind of event that promotes paranoia for sure... "the fucking game doesn't want me to own two of these badass fighters so in revenge it corrupts almost all of my saved games!". Or so I'm tempted to think. :blink:


Oh well. Contacted tech support, they want some data from me. Let's see whether they can give me a hint.


On the other hand, I planned to reinstall my gaming machine soon anyway. Maybe that'll take care of the problem. We'll see.


Thank you for your patience. You can continue with your own daily program now. :)

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I never played that game, but I've had my own similar situations with lost game hours so I feel your pain.

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I used to play Runescape. One time I was in the wild with full rune and I got pked.


Lol owned.

Full rune? Be glad it wasn't full Dragon.... :vent:

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