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Early Christian Documents

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Many a scam is employed by Christian evangelists to justify the faith; take for example the John Rylands Papyrus. This is allegedly from the early second century proving the existence of John.

John 18:31-33 contains five complete Greek words in the John Rylands P457

in the Bible 68 words.

John 18:37-38 contains six complete Greek words, the Bible has 75.

That evangelists employ these eleven Greek words which contain no specifically Christian content to prove that the 20 000 words in John is ancient and this baffles thinking people.

The earliest records are supposedly The Chester Beatty Papyri from the third century; Codex Vaticanus from the fourth century; Codex Sinaiticus, from the middle of the fourth century; Codex Alexandrinus from the fifth century. Codex Ephraemi is the last of these four so called great copies of the New Testament.

Is there anyone here who has copies of these four manuscripts or know where a person can get copies of them?


My information tells me that these manuscripts are unavailable and I would sure like to read what they really say; can anyone help me here?


Best Rasmus

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