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Goodbye Jesus

From the blog --How study can change you (part 2)


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Sent in by Zen


I am Zen who wrote my testimony November 7th 2006 (how study can change you).


I want to share a little story how physic change my faith from Christianity to Naturalist, Universalist, Pantheist, Daoist, or whatever you call it (it doesn?t matter for me).


I ever read that Albert Einstein was more or less pantheist too. Einstein ever said, ?The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion.? Einstein admired Spinoza. Spinoza, as pantheist, ever said, ?God and Nature, two names for the same reality.?


At high school, I studied Einstein?s Relativity. Then at University, when I began to be skeptic because of Zen (the skeptical Buddhist that disbelieves every scriptures), I wondered the Emc2 and thought it was a product of pantheistic Einstein.


A pantheist believes if God is energy (?E?) then Universe is material (?m?). Light speed (?c?) is space (distance) divided by time (second). So we can derive Emc2 into this equation: ?God? times ?Time? ?Universe? times ?Space?. I found and thought this formula by myself. And this formula has two important consequences:


1) If we believe God is eternal (unlimited time) so Universe has no borders (unlimited space).


2) If we believe God is temporary (limited time) so Universe has borders (limited space).


But I am still skeptical about this ?childish? formula. Somebody please give me some ideas.


By the way, as a Zen, I had studied a lot of Buddha Dharma and I know that Buddha never answered the questions about God and Universe when people asked him.


Is God eternal or temporary? Buddha was silent.


Does Universe have borders or not? Buddha was silent.


But forget about the past. I have a strong feeling that nowadays there are many ?enlightened? men and women out there. Though I am a pantheist and believe that Buddha was pantheist too, I look an atheist as a ?Buddha? too, as I look Theravada as ?Buddha? too. Why? Because an atheist, like a Theravada, use their brain or reason stronger than anyone in this world.


The only thing that I disagree with atheism is its cynical view on Universe. Please note I don?t hate atheists personally, I only disagree with cynical view of atheism ideologically.


I think atheism uses its mind too strong and forgets the intuition. In the contrary, extreme religions use their emotion too strong and forget the reason.


But in most of other things, I have same views with atheism. I like the logical thinking of atheism because it helps me to fight back extreme religions like fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Christianity. Please note that I don?t hate Moslems and Christians personally. I only hate their ?scary? teachings of Jihad and Crusade and their ?nightmare? dreams of Darussalam (Islamic State) and Christian Nation.


Moslems or Christians like to humiliate a Daoist/Pantheist like me. They always say Dao/Pantheism is silly, backward, pagan, animism, or even heresy because they believe God (Allah/Father) creates this Universe, they never think that maybe ?God is Universe? or ?Dian-di shi Da-zi-ran? in Mandarin. When I explained this ?childish? formula (God x Time Universe x Space) derived from Einstein?s formula (Emc2) and its consequences, I made them surprised and never underestimated me or Dao or Pantheism again.


So somebody out there, especially physic expert, please give me some ideas or opinion about my ?childish? formula: God x Time Universe x Space. I will think and feel your explanation with open mind and heart.


By the way, physic experts in Indonesia usually have a religion (Islam or Christianity) so they are not my references. I never find a ?pantheist? or an ?atheist? physic expert to back me up. I hope Stephen Hawking read this article and give me his answer or opinion to my childish formula.




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Guest Woodleigh

E = MC2


You have to reverse-engineer this equation.



Basically, and I mean very basically, and you will have to make the connections yourself, it is quite possible that God took a piece of himself and threw it backwards in time whereupon it became matter.


This idea actually fits into the equation. You will have to make the necessary adjustments to both sides of the equation so that you end up with M= MC2/EM which becomes M=C2/E.... or something like that. I am sorry I cannot be more clear but it is at least thirty years since I last considered it and I seem to have forgotten much of it but I think it is the idea that Matter is equal to the Speed of Light divided by God's Energy.


It is also possible for this equation to be transposed in order to show that God could also have created anti-matter.


Possibly the two things together caused the big bang.



Just a thought while thinking.



Woodleigh ;¬)

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I'm not sure whether Einstein was a pantheist.


Einstein did use the term "god" sometimes, but the people who knew him said (and he said himself) that he didn't believe in a personal god, but rather thought of god as something like the underlying truth that was revealed through science.


So, when he said, "God doesn't play with the universe", it wasn't a statement about god, but rather a statement of his belief that the universe was not driven by randomness as asserted by quantum theories, but that it was a rational world with order.


A view that the last 50 years of physics have pretty convincingly shown to be incorrect.

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