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Numbers Relating To Religion


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I was talking to a friend who asked if I knew any cold, hard numbers relating to religion. I thought of several and google hunted many more... just in general let me know if you know of other interesting facts:


-By biblegateway.com there are 20 different English versions of the Bible.

-There are as many as 64,000 words different between versions of the Bible.

-There are over 34,000 Christian denominations/churches.

-There are over 4,200 different religions.

-The top 5 religions by size and percentage of worlds population:

Christianity: 2.1 billion, 33%

Islam: 1.3 billion, 21%

Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion, 16%

Hinduism: 900 million, 14%

Chinese traditional religion: 394 million, 6%

Therefore the top 5 religions cover 90% of the worlds population.

-The top two Christian branches in the US are Protestant with 52% of Christians, and Catholic with 24%. The percentages have shown little change in the last decade.

-In the US 93% of homes have a Bible, yet only 75% of the US population claim to be Christian. Of the homes with Bibles 54% had the KJV, well above the second highest the NIV with 15%.

-It is estimated that over the 9 crusades stretching over 200 years some 200,000 people were killed

-In the last 20 years in the US there have been 1500 accusations of child molestation against Christian priests. As there have been some 60,000 priests in this period it is estimated only 2.5% have been accused. Of the accused more than 90% were accused of abusing teenage boys.

-During the times of witch burning (1400-1800) it is believed between 50-100,000 people were burned to death. Of those burned 75% were female and 25% male, although Iceland broke the mold with 90% of victims being male. Most of the burnings occured in France and Germany, the lowest numbers report only 4 burnt in Ireland, and 10 in Russia.

Overall 48% of accused witches were executed. The witch trials ended in Europe in 1792 and in the Americas by the 1830's.

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Wow. Good find, Wert.


Mostly it just displays to me how incredibly disjointed and tumultous Christianity is. It's kind of frightening.

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