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2nd Revelation 1:1


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2nd Revelation 1:1


"OK, Alright. So none of that shit happened. This was but a warning to the brotheren to take heed for the things that soon, but not to soon, must occur. Be sure to take heed of all the words written in this book of the Master, and do not turn, not to the east of the west of the north. Remain steadfast.


The following remanins true:


"You must not have sex with your mother"

"The collection is of the highest importance."


The following remains false:


"PIgs fly"




Oops, shit, sorry. Noah is true, thus saith the Lord.


OK back to second Revelation of John about what must soon, but not too soon, come to past. Soon, but not too soon, yet without warning, and ironically with haste thee must prepare. There will be signs and there won't be signs. There will be wars, no wars, peace, rumors of peace, rumors of war, rumors of global warming, hurricanes, floods, rumors of floods, heat waves, general weather incidents, rumors of additional weather, conflicts both globlaly and at home, pain, death, taxes, elections. Do not be surprised that these things are occuring. They are signs of the imminent and total destruction of your world by Christ.

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