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--Humanist Network News #12


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Happy Halloween! In this month's
podcastwe have two, count 'em two celebrity interviews. We speak with singerHolly Near about her music and activism, and then we speak withcomedian Julia Sweeney (of Saturday Night Live fame) about her show"Letting Go of God." We also talk to cartoonist Matt Bors about hisrecent visit to a "Hell House" and Matt Cherry reads an essay about theorigins of Halloween.

Segment 1: Holly Near Ain't Afraid

HollyNear is a life long activist for human rights. She's also an actressand a singer/songwriter. Near tells us about her song "I Ain't Afraid"and about her work promoting human rights.

End 12:05

Segment 2: Julia Sweeney Let's Go of God

Julia Sweeney's one-woman show, "Letting Go of God" is currentlyplaying at the Ars Nova Theater in New York City until Oct. 29. Sweeneytalks with us about the difference performing her show before atheistaudiences and audiences of mixed religious beliefs. She also talksabout her experiences as a secular parent.

End 32:33

Segment 3: Listener Comments

HNN listeners call in to share their thoughts. One listener asks aboutif there are any humanists in politics. Another listener thinks there'stoo much God talk among atheists.

End 35:25

Segment 4: Atheist Cartoonist Gets "Judged"

Since the 1970s religious organizations have been hosting "Hell Houses"or "Judgment Houses" in the place of traditional Halloween hauntedhouses. Matt Bors, creator of the cartoon "Idiot Box" did someundercover investigative cartooning to find out what goes on in hell.

Read Matt's cartoon.

End 42:39

Segment 5: Is Halloween Sacred, Secular, or Satanic?

Matt Cherry, executive director of the Institute for Humanist Studies, reads his essay on the origins of Halloween.

End 54:09


"Singing For Our Lives" by Holly Near
"You've Destroyed Everything" by Final Boss*
"The Mormon Boys" by Julia Sweeney
"Mom and Dad Freak Out" by Julia Sweeney
"Monster Symphony - 1st Movement" by Devin Anderson*
"Moon Strobe" by Tripudio*
"Inspiration of Love" by Joe Sibol*
"Creepers Jeepers" by Seraphic Panoply*

(* These songs are available at PodsafeAudio.com)


Holly Near | Julia Sweeney | Massimo Pigliucci, Ph.D. | Matt Bors' "Idiot Box" | Cal Crary

Call the HNN listener comment line: 206-339-4168or "Skype" us at hnn_editor

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