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Letter I'm Thinking Of Forwarding Around


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From my site: http://thefreethinkinghippie.wordpress.com/



(Well this is the season of Dear God emails I getem ever year how gods supponsingly blessed someone. I decided to make one of my own.


Dear God,


I was looking over my topics on ex- christian.net I know you probally don't like that group, But I see this topic: http://www.ex-christian.net/index.php?showtopic=5685&hl=


I prayed on dec.14, 2005, 3 days from now and it'll of been a year since I prayed for you to prove to me you exist. What's the hold up God? Are you too busy to to talk to someone questioning your existance? You can tell moses the ten commandments, but I guess i'm not as important as him.


Maybe your just a coward cause I'd have so many questions you'd have a hard time answering.


You made me deformed,walk with a limp, have learning disabilitys, my lifes been a constant struggle against a world who thinks I need to be sitting at home drawing checks.


It seems too me that a God would want his creation to be perfect I know when I make something I try to make it in good shape. You make people that are blind, paralyzed, amputee, and a thousand diseases that could handicap the unhandicapped.


Why God why is this nessesary? I'v heard it was Gods plan…Well no offence God, but What kind of plan is that too make it where people have a hard time surviving on your planet?


Speaking of your planet why was it nessesary for you too create tornados,hurricanes, earthquakes, floods that's wipe out billions of humans, plants and animals?


People say you always answer prayers and protect us, Yet I see on the news little children molested, women raped, people killed, wars going on.


Some people will say oh they didn't pray enough or they were sinners.


Well no offense God, but If I had children who were bad children and never asked me for help i'd help them. I'd help them even tho they weren't my children. There's a mean kid around here who steals and vandalizes property, But if he was outside and fell off his bike, broke his leg, and cried for me to call 911 I would do it. I wouldn't ignore him cause he's a mean little brat most of the time.


I guess me and you God just think diffrently on things.


People say you let things happen to teach a lesson. The world trade center bombing was to punish people, I knew someone in high school who was drunk driving and now is paralzed it's been ten years God isn't it time for his lesson to be over? Isn't the world trade center being bombed with jets a little extreme? People around here love to talk about your son jesus dying on the cross for our sins, Why couldn't you just forgive us? I wouldn't have to crucify someone to forgive people. Guess me and you see things diffrently.


God, there are about a thousand religions claiming you are the truth and they are the true religion, There are a billion diffrent ideas of who you are, what you look like, what's the truth, and they fight each other constantly over whose right or wrong. God can't you just appear before the whole world and proclaim the true religion? Why let us guess winch religion is right, winch religion is wrong? Why make people have to worry if they chose the right one? or chose the right church?


God, people say I was blessed by you with this apartment and job. But onetime me and my mom was walking in a park in memphis tennessee. I saw a man laying face down in the grass I said is he alive? My mom said he's homeless like that man over there on a blanket with bags of his stuff around him. Why didn't you give them a job and apartment? Why not bless them? Hey you could restore there faith you know? give them a good place to live and a job and say I did it. But no they are worthless sinners right?


People sayGod blessed me with my food, But God I seen a feed the children commercial with starving children, hungry children walking in trash and flies all over them laying on the ground crying. I wonder how come you made plants and animals too feed us but not them? Why not them God? Them children sinners? Are children sinners? Are the kids raped in your church by preists sinners? Are the Amish girls who got shot too death sinners? Why let innocent children die such horrible deaths?


Do all these people I talked about in this letter pray? I wonder if they did? and I can't help but wonder why you ignored their prayers. I bet the Amish children and Catholic children prayed, But I guess they were in the wrong religion you for some reason never tell no one what the right religion is you just expect us too listen to a bunch of preachers and read books and pick the right one, but if we don't we are screwed. Kind of like gambling maybe you'll pick the right number and win, Maybe you'll pick the right religion and win. Do you have a good reason for this? Surely you do please let me know.


God you know everything right? You created everything right? So you knew how everything you created would turn out right?


So you created people who'd later become sinners…Why? create people who you'd later burn in hell? Why create robbers, molesters, rapers, killers, vandalyzers, and other people who'd cause suffering to your creation? Why'd you make satan? Why'd you put the tree in the garden of eden when you know everything and know that adam and eve would listen to the snake you created then damn humanity then besides just putting the devil in jail, and forgiving us you send your son to die on a cross suffering a cruel death just to forgive us for things you knew we'd do in the first place?


God where are you? I been writing this for two hours now, and I'd be more than happy to jot down your answers to these questions…You know What'd be better tho? Cause let's face it God Some people an't going to believe me, or a preacher if you told the answers to them, or a book. Why don't you appear to each and every person on this earth and tell them come on God do it. You did it for Moses, Abraham, David, Job, and Mary can't you do it for all your other children.


No visions, soft mushie feelings, preachers, signs, miracles, floating objects or appearing on peoples grill cheese sandwiches please You should know some of us including me will think it's all in our imagination. If I had a thought,feeling, or saw my friends face in a sandwich I wouldn't think they was in the room with me so, you should know that wouldn't work on me or other people.


Don't appear to one person either and have them tell us cause people will think they are nuts.


I'm waiting God…Come on knock on my door, Appear before the whole world here i'll look outside maybe your out there….nope.


Funny if I made a whole world I'd want everyone to know who I was…I wouldn't let them sit around guessing who I was and having to take people's word for it.


Until you come tell me what religion, holy book, verson of god, and what's the truth I see no need to worship you. I don't trust people you know that..you created me you know I need to hear it from you. For example if I read a book I liked and wanted to ask the author what he meant in chapter one, then a friend told me what it meant, I'd still want to hear from the Author. Your the author of one of these religions right? Well tell me about it.


People say you don't appear to people anymore.


Well that's kind of sorry too me.


If I called a friend they wasn't there, left a message on there machine, in a year still haven't heard from them and Someone said well they wont call or visit no one enymore i'd think they was a bad person unless there's a good reason. I'd go ask them and If they said "I don't like no one anymore go away" Then atleast I'd know the reason. So tell me God what is the reason?


I'd definately think this person no longer cared about people expecially if it was the person's children wanting to talk to them.


So God either you are not really there or no longer care about your creation anymore,So any religion, form of worship, prayers, or trying to talk to you is really pointless.


What are you a dead beat dad? A parent who has kids then has nothing to do with them? wont visit, call or contact them in anyway? Do you really think this kind of dad could just send a guy to tell who he is, or a book or a picture would be enough? Lets say this dad sent the kid a million dollars so he could have what he wanted or answered the kids letters giving him what he asked for but never contacting him? That wouldn't be enough! The kid would still want to meet his father.


People say you answer prayers but you really don't. Like I could say I prayed to get a job then put in an application and got one. Why'd it require anything from me?


Why is there so much suffering in the world I see no sighn of answered prayer I see people praying then fixing their problem then giving you the credit, or suffering and saying God has his reasons for not answering my prayer.


If your watching earth were are you? In the sky? funny no people in planes see you? Wouldn't we all see you then? Are you in space? Funny satelites orbot the earth but no pictures of you appear? Are you under water? No divers see you. Are you under ground? no diggers see you.


It's interesting but if I said I lived in Hamilton Alabama and no body ever seen me in hamilton, and people searched Hamilton 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years and never seen me or any trace of me no dna samples, no hair samples, nothing they could prove I owned they'd call me a liar. If you exist their is no proof at all you are watching earth none whats so ever. Exept books winch would be considered hearsay that's all we got is hearsay We got words from people.


No ones even found you in space near earth If you are not even near earth how in the world are you having anything to do with it? If I'm not near my computer I can't control it, If I'm upstairs I can't even see it. So if you are never seen anywhere near earth or even in our solar system for that matter I see no way you could have anything to do with earth.


People say your invisible well that proves ever holy book and religion that ever existed to be a liar cause they all have people who say they seen you.


People say your in everything that exists well you must be in this computer then so I tell you what I'll wait about 5 minutes you just make the keys type the answers to my questions. If your the computer that should be no challenge for you then. Come on do it make a believer outta me.


Geez, What good are you? If your not gonna talk, visit, answer prayers, tell people who you are, and what is the truth what good are you?


You know if I met someone who wouldn't talk to me, see me, visit me, write me, or have anything to do with me or anyone else I wouldn't even bother with them enymore expecially after several attempts to communicate with them


You either don't care about anything or Don't exist. So, why bother with you.





I'm tempted to forward this around anyone want to help me? lol

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And that is why God doesn't exist.


Nice letter - puts things in perspective.

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I would get rid of the ex-christian.net reference or you'll get a bunch of spammers coming to this site. Also you need to add something at the end so peole will want to foward it around. Oh and add a bunch of emoticons on your email :)

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Nice letter, but if you do this, be prepared to get a lot of spam in return. You might want to consider just making it a blog entry.

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I put it on all my blogs and sent it as a bulletin on myspace.

I don't think I'll forward it around but it is tempting I see some of the stupidest chainletters this time of year.

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