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Mutant Deer Is "missing Link"?


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I participate in the USAToday OnDeadline blog and one of the stories was about a mutant deer some guy in Wisconsin shot. Here is part of the conversation that took place:


Is some Darwinist evolutionist going to claim this as a missing link?


To which I replied,

Middle America,

Sorry, but scientists have found numerous intermediate fossils that prove evolution. There's no need to claim a mutant deer as a "missing link." Evolution is a fact, despite how many "problems" creationist non-scientists come up with.


This deer is no more a "missing link" than siamese twins or people with six fingers on one hand are.


Well, then the fundies came out of the woodwork. One that described transitional fossils as a "qwerk", one that denied the existence of any fossil proof and one that has a very strange definition of the word "fact". :Wendywhatever:


You can read it for yourself here:



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