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Goodbye Jesus

Religious Brutality


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Here is an interesting article from Israel's principle newspaper, "Ha Aretz," illustrating the kind of brutish behavior that religious people count as virtue. Although these people are Orthodox Jews, they might as well be Orthodox Muslims. Does anyone doubt that if the United States were "won over for Christ," we would see the same sort of mindless and vicious behavior from Christians who were serious about their faith?

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m


Last update - 12:59 17/12/2006

Woman beaten on Jerusalem bus for refusing to move to rear seat

By Daphna Berman


A woman who reported a vicious attack by an ad-hoc "modesty patrol" on a Jerusalem bus last month is now lining up support for her case and may be included in a petition to the High Court of Justice over the legality of sex-segregated buses.


Miriam Shear says she was traveling to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City early on November 24 when a group of ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) men attacked her for refusing to move to the back of the Egged No. 2 bus. She is now in touch with several legal advocacy and women's organizations, and at the same time, waiting for the police to apprehend her attackers.


In her first interview since the incident, Shear says that on the bus three weeks ago, she was slapped, kicked, punched and pushed by a group of men who demanded that she sit in the back of the bus with the other women. The bus driver, in response to a media inquiry, denied that violence was used against her, but Shear's account has been substantiated by an unrelated eyewitness on the bus who confirmed that she sustained an unprovoked "severe beating."

This is a link to the full article.


The Judeo/Christian/Muslim teaching of divine vengeance is responsible for this result. This reminds me of a quote: "The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum" Havelock Ellis

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