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Physical Evidence


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I was reading a Christian forum where I came across one member/nutcase who gave a list of physical proof of God:

Shroud of Turin

Noah's Ark

Ark of the covenant

10 commandments

the holy cross

the power of holy water

the holy lance/spear of destiny

Jesus's tomb

healing by prayer/touch

grand canyon proving noahs flood

and exorcism


Now any one of those subjects could be a book by itself, but I just couldn't stand the blindness that this is all they have. Of course there was alot of backslapping and high fives going on about how obvious God is and how they could not understand how anyone could deny God in light of the evidence...

Of the 11 things given 6 of them (Arks, cross, tomb, spear, tablets) have not been found. Of the others the shroud was shown to be fake, holy water does nothing, prayer does nothing (barring placebo), the grand canyon should be seen as a reason against the global flood not for it, and exorcism has generally been shown to have natural (mental and/or chemical) causes.


I remember a funny article where they added up the amount of wood sold in the holy cities labelled as "Part of the one true cross", there was enough to build a house. The amount of holy water blessed by the pope himself would fill a swimming pool and the amount of saints bones meant there were several thousands saints all hanging around Jerusalem.

For 10x more than a standard rosary you could buy the popes own one that he left behind somewhere, seems he does this alot as there were several dozen of these in the markets.


I saw a doco on a dig to find the Ark of the covenant. They believed they'd found a buried chamber under a temple (probably solomons, but can't be sure), they dug through and succeeded in reaching the chamber, showed video footage of a dusty room through this small hole they'd knocked in the wall. At that point the Islamic government (I think Iran but not sure) moved in and kicked them out, said it was too important a site to have people knocking holes in it. They concreted up the hole and moved the diggers away.

I thought that could have been great if it really did contain the Ark, people could test it, have a look at the commandments and show the whole lot was man made. Sadly they'll probably never open it up.


Then of course you have idiots like Wyatt making claims like finding Noahs Ark and the Ark of the covenant. Strangely enough no one else finds the same things in the places he claims, and the tests don't support his claims. Still many Christians will recite Wyatt's claims as evidence ("Hey see there websites showing they found Noahs Ark?"). Quotes from Wyatt's claim of find the Ark of the covenant:

"He tried to photograph it with a Polaroid, but the photos turned out foggy. He returned with a colonascope, but again the photos turned out foggy."

"Ron has been told (although he stresses he does not hear voices, and is not a prophet) that the time is not yet for the world to see this discovery with their own eyes."

"Ron traced the earthquake crack, and indeed it was the same crack as the one at the cross hole. The dried black substance in the crack was tested and proved to be blood, apparently the blood of Jesus Christ." Apparently the Ark was buried directly under the crucfixtion site.

"The fascinating finding in this blood was that instead of 46 chromosomes, there were only 24. There were 22 autosomal chromosomes, one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. This evidences that the person to whom this blood belonged to had a mother but no human father."

Of course since this report in 1982 no one has found the site, found the Ark or proved any of Wyatt's claims.

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What? Holy water doesn't do anything? Then why have I been saving this barrel of it? :HaHa:

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