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Goodbye Jesus

Ancient Greek Philosopher Said What?

Outback Jack

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Hello all,


I'm looking for a name and exact quote from an ancient Greek philosopher who said something like...


"If god wants to help us but can't, then he isn't all powerful.

"If god wants to help us but doesn't, then he isn't benevolent.

"If god is neither all powerful nor benevolent, then he isn't god."


Please forgive my lame paraphrase. I first heard this quote last month in a video posted in the main section of this site. I meant to watch it again and take notes but YouTube pulled the video before I could get to it again.


Any help would be appreciated. TIA



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Thanks!! :grin: I'll do some research.

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Just what I needed.


FYI, I'm having an ongoing email discussion with a Xtian relative about religion. I hope ya'll don't mind if I drop in sometimes for some help?....

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