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Board Wars, Problems, Fights, 'net Stalking', And Exc

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Like to make a few things clear in regards to topic header.

"Board Wars": Defined as finding another spot on web, usually a discussion board, and going by the masses to that location and "kicking asses, taking it over, shutting it down, etc". If persons have something to "go prove" at the "First Frozen Chozen Nobody Else Saved, I Got Mine, You Suckers All Go To HELL" boards, do so as an individual, and do not link off the Bosses Boards to launch your *raids*.

"Problems and fights": We have enough of our own assorted internal things we discuss and fight about. Somethings tend to get hot, bothered and a bit of heat and rancor happen. That happens when discussing things such as politics, sex and religion.

There is a line in which a heated discussion turns into a simple mudslinging. when the mud starts, expect Mods to cool things off with warnings both private and in some circumstances very public.
When the warnings are given, the actors need heed them or find their ability to participate on this interestingly populated Community abridged or removed.

Dave, our Webmaster and board Owner is extremely tolerant and open to the wide variety of opinion and things put up here at ExC. That permissiveness is not a license to start raising hell and slinging crap "just because".

"Net Stalking": Simply put, you have a problem with someone from another board or space on 'Net, ExC is not the place to continue your fight or disagreement. Ex-Christian dot net is not clearing house to continue your problems and issues from elsewhere.

If commentary from ExC draws people to here and heated discussion happens, we'll direct those posts to their proper place, usually the "Lion's Den" or "Totally Off Topic" for further commentary.

If I find that persons are bothering our users and regulars with issues from elsewhere, and it does not help "Encouraging Ex-Christians, I will be inclined to nuke/remove/moderate that persons account, ban them by IP, and/or make their time here non-productive. Warnings will be given via e.mal/PM/IM/public, and after I believe you have "got the message" to stop the activity in question, sanctions as mentioned will be given.


We will argue, disagree, tend to gang up on unpopular posters, and have many issues across the wide and varied spectrum of discussions we enjoy here at our little corner of the Web.
What I'd like to have is the adult ability to respect others and be able to keep our often hot subjects on a civil if not all_too_polite_to_each_other basis.

ExC is what the Community makes it. And over the years we've had a wonderful growth of people from all over the Globe. Mixes of personalities and experiences make this place what it is, a great place to spend your time reading and participating.

Appreciate your time reading this. Be good to each other, enjoy, learn.



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