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Goodbye Jesus

New Year's Resolutions


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I stopped attending church 6 months ago. So I'm still new in my deconverstion process. But I'm working away at it step by step. I spent about 9 or 10 years with the cult, so I sometimes find it hard to make a sever with them. I think part of it is my brain got that warped during that time. But that's just me.


Anyways, this is my first new year as an ex-christian. In the past I made the christian resolutions to be better for God, read the Bible in a year kind of thing. This year, I'm finding I need to make a real resolution.


I think for me I'm going to work on getting rid of all of the christian music. The Bibles I'll keep because one was bought for me by my Dad when I was 8 (sentimental). The others are good reference and good laughs.


Lemme think, for other resolutions or goals I'm going to try to get 3 CGA credits this year, complete 6 speeches for the Toastmasters CTM program, keep up with the workouts, and visit my niece lots.


How about you guys? Got any resolutions/goals to share?

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I'm going to get my house really clean and keep it that way,


I'm going to spend less non-productive time on the internet,


and I'm going to write a book.

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I quit smoking 2 hours and 22 minutes ago. Yes, my knuckles are white, thanks for asking! That was my resolution last year. It lasted less than 24 hours. This year... we shall see.



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I made a resolution to be more organized in general. I spent all day getting my closets cleaned out and putting everything into storage bins. So we'll see how long the organization lasts.

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I have a few I hope to accomplish,


1.) Clean out my attic...it's a mess.


2.) Have back surgery that I have been putting off.


3.) Volunteer more (back and leg pain permitting).


4.) Try to mend the relationship with my sister.

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Get back on the bicycle


Shed 2 stone. (I'm in not bad nick for 44 but I used to be lean and mean and I don't want the spread to get out of control)


Maintain my blog more regularly (I had a 2 month gap last year - no excuse)


Try and learn not to worry. As I get older I'm becoming a worrier. I need to let go of the things that are beyond my control


Try to be more sociable. I don't like leaving my cave. But I can't expect to have hoards of friends if I don't make an effort


Support my wife, Fiona more in the house


Control my temper



(I've noticed that as I've written this list it has become more honest. The trivial stuff is at the top. The crucial entries are the last ones)

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Well, here's my list:


1. Cut back on drinking. I don't drink a whole lot anyway; perhaps 6 beer a week with wine and harder stuff on special occasions (ie; my birthday, New Years), but I'm getting older and I feel like it's starting to drag me down. This year, I think I'd like to throttle that back to just drinking moderately on special occasions.


2. Stay in the black. We're usually pretty good at this, but last year, we dipped into the line of credit for our trip down east. We're in the black now, and I'd like to see that for the entire year because filling that hole afterwards is difficult.


3. Lose 15 lbs. I'm a little heavier now than I ought to be; probably from the drinking - the extra calories, plus the fact that I'm not too active when I drink. I think if I stick with resolution 1, this one will happen automatically.


4. Not upgrade perfectly working stuff I already have. Every time I get the flyers, I see some new digital camera or MP3 player I want to get. From now on, I'm going to stick with using what I have until it breaks or doesn't work right anymore, even if it becomes obsolete. No more upgrading just for the sakes of upgrading.


5. Get rid of old stuff. I have a terrible habit of hanging on to old stuff, even if it doesn't work. I think that I'll fix it one day, but realistically, that never happens. I'm going to donate or sell the stuff that still works but that I don't use, and throw out the broken stuff that I know I'll never get around to fixing.

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1. Get more organized, both in my household and within my own mind. Toss out, donate or sell whatever isn't needed. Put sentimental not-often-used items up in storage. We need more room around here!


2. Stop whining about how unhappy I am in my current job and find a new one in my chosen field. Work both if I have to, to get us out of the financial hole. If mom can cope with working multiple jobs at her age, so can I.


3. Stop living in the past. All I've got is today, and vague hopes for the future won't get me anything. Only actions in the here and now will.


4. Go out and do the hobbies I've been thinking about. I've been wanting to take dance lessons to tone up (because regular exercise bores me), voice lessons (so I'm a stronger singer and have better breath control), driving lessons (because not being able to drive is now hampering me than helping me), and karate lessons (because self-defense is important). I'm young enough and quick witted enough to successfully juggle all that activity in my life, so what do I have to stop me, really?

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I don't do "resolutions", per se, because I find it too much of a personal letdown to make a list of promises and then fail to accomplish them, for whatever reason. It's too easy to do, and I rag on myself too hard about it.


But there are still a few things that I'd like to do in 2007, and beyond.


1. I have an utterly ruthless, very powerful, crippling Inner Critic. I'd like to tackle it and beat the shit out of it, so I can put the fucking thing in its place and get the hell on with my life. (At this point, I literally can't do *anything* without said Inner Critic ripping me several new ones about it. Seriously.)


2. I'd like to learn how to be okay with my body. I'd like to believe again that it's sexy in its own way. I'd like to stop feeling so utterly ashamed about having some pounds. I'd like to get into better shape without feeling driven to become stick-thin. I'd like to come to a standard of personal beauty that makes me comfortable, and isn't based on anybody else's standards.


3. I'd like to make some art and write a book.


4. I'd like to keep up with my blog, and make it as thoughtful and well-written as possible.


5. I'd like to travel at least once a year. And take lots of pictures, and use them in art projects.


6. I'd like to be better at handling $$$ than I am. I'm better than I was, fortunately, but could still be more conscientious about it.


7. I'd like to get a pair of Doc Martens. :woohoo:

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I stopped attending church 6 months ago. So I'm still new in


To continue my deconversion and godless life style aftyer a lifetime of guilt and poor feelings attrituable to pursuit of god and "holiness". Since deconverting, I have never felt more comfortable with myself in my life!I never want to be tempted, or get sucked backed into catholicism or any godamn religion!

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