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More On The Yec I Saw


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I found more stuff on the YEC nuclear chemistry Ph.d who came to speak about the age of the Earth at my school. There's a long video of him speaking about the same thing at a community college near my university here. It's in the past speakers section. In a slide of the powerpoint in the video, he said the notes about the presentation could be found on his site. I went to the Internet archive and found this page that was there at that time. The age of Earth presentation note is there as a pdf file, along with other presentation notes on evolution, homeschooling and critical thinking. :twitch:


When reading the age of Earth notes, I found that he got his stuff from places like Answers In Genesis and the ICR. I even found a page about him at the ICR.


I plan on writing some kind of thing about creationism using a lot of visuals because I know lots of deaf Christians, because I'm deaf, and that would help them understand it, if they actually bother reading it.

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