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Christian Charlatan Coming To A Church Near You!

Johnny Smith

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Coming to a Church near you...


Roberts Liardon gained notoriety in the gullible pentecostal/charismatic Christian circles as a child, when he claimed to have visited Heaven, even meeting Jesus Christ. See an article on his alleged "visit" to heaven here:




As a young, impressionable, religious teenager, I left the Mormon church and was caught up in an even more dangerous organization with Liardon at the helm. I have given my story in the past, and so I will not go into details. However, this self-proclaimed prophet/leader of this movement that I idealized and believed was a modern-day Apostle Paul was exposed for having a homosexual affair with the youth pastor in December, 2001.


See this link for information on the affair: http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/liardon.html


Some of the things Roberts Liardon promotes:


1) Warfare Glossolalia. He was and is an advocate for speaking in tongues to combat demonic entities.

2) Divine Healing. Roberts Liardon associated himself with the infamous faith healer, Benny Hinn. https://www.bennyhinn.org

3) Exorcism. As a member of his congregation and student at his "Spirit Life Bible College," Roberts Liardon practiced throwing students and members of his congregation to the ground in an attempt to expel demonic spirits. I was personally thrown to the ground by he and members of his staff on several occasions in an effort to "deliver" me from demonic influences.

4) Roberts Liardon is an advocate of the Prosperity Gospel. He flaunted his wealth at his church. In one instance he invited members of his congregation to view his newly purchased jet airplane.


After the homosexual affair broke several years ago, Roberts Liardon dropped off the radar. Now, five years later, he is making a come back.


However, it appears he is now so arrogant that he calls himself an agent for "justice and societal change."


See for yourself: http://www.robertsliardon.org/roberts.htm


Waltz through his picture gallery, and see photos with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who he makes out to be his close and personal friend.


He has no degree, and no college education. He is a liar, a lunatic, and a fraud. There are hundreds of his former followers scattered throughout the world that are disillusioned with organized religion due to the abuse encountered under his ministry. Perhaps my move toward agnosticism and free thought is the only good outcome of my experience under this man's ministry.


He is a self-impressed "demagogue" that should be exposed for who he is, Roberts LIARdon.


PS - For humor's sake, take a look at his unofficial Myspace profile, where his grammatical and typo errors are rampant in his slide show.



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Darn those sinful homosexual ministers! Something should be done!

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He's probably trying to make a comeback because he doesn't know how to do anything else. Plus, he's already tasted of the good life of riches associated with evangelism...who would want to give that up for a work-a-day job?

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