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Is it me or are fanboys getting more rabid over their favourite subjects nowdays? What brought this to mind is the current millions of posts about the Wii vs Xbox 360 vs PS3, the fans of each console are so downright abusive to the other systems and fans of the competing products that you'd think they had a vested interest in the company.

Now I don't mind someone saying "I perfer...", thats their opinion and they are entitled to it. But insulting people because of that choice just seems so petty.

I've seen similar things between online games ("WOW is better than Everquest!"), video cards ("ATI sucks, you've gotta get nvidia"), processors ("goddam Intel, AMD are so much better"), cars, food, phones, in fact almost any industry that has major competition spawns these strange one eyed fans.

I can certainly understand the arguements and preferences given. Personally I don't like the Wii as it seems aimed at the family/younger gamer market. While its not for me I still can certainly see why many people would want it, and believe it will be a success. I can't understand how the Microsoft and Sony fans can't see this middle ground.

Quotes like "Sony is finished", "Microsoft failed", or "The Wii is just a gimick, it'll die soon", seem so short sighted.

I even had the same thing between martial artists. MMA fanboys saying Taekwon-do sucks, kickboxers saying akido sucks, boxers saying kung-fu sucks, and each failing to see passed their little window to the world.

In my previous discussions with fanboys if they are called on their bias they usually become abusive, very few will intelligently defend their position.

For some reason the thing that annoyed me the most was the use of two words that were used against me as if they some how proved a point. First was Period ("The PS3 is the better console. Period.") and the second was Fact ("TKD is useless on the street. FACT."), it just reminds me so much of little children saying "but I said no returns you can't tag me back!"

Its described in many ways: "I'm on the boxing bandwagon", "Hes a Sony nut hugger" or "Fanboi and proud!", but in the end it really just means the same narrow minded viewpoint of a product. Can anyone explain why this occurs? Why do people become so emotional about such minor things?

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Short answer: Because they've already invested time, money and/or emotional energy in something. That tends to make people run either hot or cold on something, depending on whether or not they feel supported or betrayed by the item of concern.

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OMFG!!!! 9MM R0xx0xz!! 45 SuXX0rZ!!!
















I kinda figure humankind is wired to argue anything, important or not..


Adds spice to an otherwise boring nights surfing.. ;)



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Star Trek is waaay better than Star Wars!!!!


(Just kidding, I like them both.)


Oh Bloody Piffle!!!


C'mon Am.... AnyBODY knows Star Trek ain't REAL!


Sheeze, next thing you'll tell me is to sell the rusty Firebird and cut my mullet off..



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Short answer: People are stupid.


Long answer: People are stupid. Also, as Kevin pointed out, some of us just love to argue too much. :wicked:

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