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Goodbye Jesus

Atheism's Achilles' Heel By Tibor R. Machan


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Put this in Rants rather than news, it is more of a discussion hot.button than just something to read.

Worth the time to follow the link and read entire article.






Atheism's Achilles' heel

Free Market News Network

by Tibor R. Machan


"Why is Harris' version of atheism, from which a hard-wired ethics is supposed to follow, the Achilles' heel of his position? Because if there is anything nearly everyone knows about ethics is that whether one is ethical or not is a matter of choice, the very opposite of being hard-wired in us. It is a central feature of the morally significant life, one in which ethics counts for a great deal, that people are not hard-wired about how they conduct themselves. It is a matter of their choice whether they do or do not do what's right. Some act properly, some nearly so, some not at all. It is essential about morality that people are free to do the right thing and are it is not their being hard-wired that makes them morally responsible. If you need to make no choice to act right, if you are hard-wired, then you can gain no credit or blame for what you do. And that's the end of ethics or morality. If atheism is tied to this notion, that pretty much undermines atheism." (01/08/07)



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